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The diverse country of Costa Rica is located in Central America between Panama and Nicaragua. It is home to over 4.5 million people, with nearly half of those living in the capital city of San José. 

Amidst the beautiful beaches, vast coffee fields, and breathtaking mountains, there are very real needs to be met. As CFCI we work to bring the message of Christ to the impoverished slums of undocumented Nicaraguans, to the women and young girls who are targets for sex trafficking, to the homeless, to the children and youth who need Godly role models, to the AIDS victims, and to so many other who are in desperate need of the hope of Jesus Christ.

Part of our vision of CFCI is to see NO PERSON without hope. For this reason, we have multiple ministries in places all around Costa Rica, from the largest slum in Central America (La Carpio), to Tirrases, Guanacaste, and even one of the most dangerous areas in Costa Rica; Pavas.

In Costa Rica, our work is to develop and create a community center in each of the places we have presence, so people can come to know, grow and learn from the goodness of Jesus.

Each program, each activity, has a time of reflection where we share the Gospel, and invite people to be part of the family of God.

All our missionaries, volunteers and servants work aligned to the same mission, and take advantage of every space to reflect and bring hope to all the people who participate in our activities.

Our commitment is long-term with the people we work with, which is why we have 13 development centers in specific communities. Our centers seek to be places of transformation that align with our vision and that can transform the city through the transformation of people

We believe that training leaders is a fundamental part of our vision, and therefore we focus on working with the local church, so they can give the best follow-up to the task we carry out.

CFCI Costa Rica has a clear call to unity, generates a difference in effective work for the Kingdom, and we work with the fraternities of pastors, promoting events such as retreats, evangelistic activities, in which everyone participates to have better results of the efforts.

We are currently working with 124 churches, always committed to work with us, and in each of our programs. Each of our centers are connected with the local church, which helps us to do the proper follow up on the work we do, which gives the church a different vision of being able to reach its community, in an even more creative way.

We work with food programs in vulnerable communities to bring them the help and sustenance they need.

At the same time, each of our work areas is accompanied by social work, where we can bring hope to the people whom we have contact with, among whom we can mention children, single mothers, ex-gang members, etc. This is the reason why we have clinics, deliver groceries and visit families at risk.

We have integral programs that use vocational skills, food, academic support and sports to bring tools that help people overcome their difficulties and lack of opportunities.

We firmly believe that through discipleship, interpersonal relationships and individual follow-up we can give hope to each of the people we work with every day.

Missionaries in Costa Rica

Alvin y Rocio (Chio) Navarrete-Vargas

Alvin and Chio have been serving in La Carpio for more than 17 years, carrying out sports, recreational, cultural, educational and technical training programs, seeking to promote better life opportunities…

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Amy Speake

Amy has been serving the country of Costa Rica in many ways. She is involved with Mercy Ministry which is visiting and serving people in AIDS clinics, women in jails…

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Ana Matarrita

Ana is our Base Plant Director in the city of Limon, Costa Rica which works with uniting local churches and she also organizes evangelistic campaigns.

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Projects in Costa Rica

Camp Carpio

It's no wonder our kids love to RUN. La Carpio - the only home they've ever known - is a crowded, isolated community on the outskirts of San Jose, Costa…

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Carpio Building Project

In 1988 God called us to begin a project in what was then a squatter community, Rincon Grande de Pavas. We started very simply -- doing tutoring at the local…

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Carpio Medical Clinic

Each day at the medical clinic begins with a short devotional. General out-patient medical care is given four mornings a week, patients with acute and chronic conditions are seen. Our…

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Trips in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Vision Tour

Join us for an unforgettable experience as we embark on a Vision Tour of our Costa Rica base! This trip presents a unique opportunity for you to witness firsthand the incredible…

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Global Teams

Our Global Teams program sends dozens of teams each year to our missionary bases on fully customized mission trips. Based on the skills, strengths, abilities and time frame of your…

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Costa Rica Mission Trips

You are invited to come and serve with us in Costa Rica! Costa Rica is our largest CFCI base and we have many opportunities for groups to serve in a…

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The vision of Christ for the City International is that there be no place without a witness, no church without a vision, and no person without hope.

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