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Guatemala is located in Central America, just south of Mexico and northwest of El Salvador and Honduras. Most of the population lives in rural areas, but like other areas of the world, urbanization is growing. Over 14 million people live in Guatemala, with 4 million of those residing in or near the capital city of Guatemala City in the south central region. Approximately 60% of those in Guatemala City are living in poverty. 

Our Guatemala base operates many different life changing ministries and outreaches around Guatemala City. We have a soccer school, a music school, a tilapia and aquaponics project that creates food and income for the base, as well as a community transformation center (CTC) among other things. 

In Guatemala we also work with low-income families in the community through spiritual direction, education, mental and physical healthcare, nutrition, discipleship classes, sports ministry, parenting assistance, skills workshops and job development. 

In Guatemala, through our different sports and teaching programs such as our VICTORIOUS Soccer School, our Speaking Hope English School, our FFORTISSIMO Music School, and our HUELLAS (footprints) Program for single, widowed or needy mothers, the Lord is allowing us to bear witness to Christ, but at the same time to provide tools for integral development.

We are committed to God in the service that He allows us to carry out, and the relationships He allows us to build in order to be those agents of transformation in our community. Transforming cities by transforming lives.

Without a doubt, our desire to support the local Church is one of our objectives, and we hope to be able to do it soon. We pray that the Lord will continue to open doors to carry out this task. Our current job is to motivate churches to get out of their four walls and be part of what God is doing and wants to do through the local church in each community.

Finally, one of the main characteristics of all the work that the Lord allows us to carry out in this beautiful country through the different programs and projects, is interpersonal relationships. Through these relationships, God has allowed us to bring His love and hope to those in need. Without a doubt, this hope and this love are what have marked our lives to this day and continue to leave a mark.

Missionaries in Guatemala

Geovani & Wendy Juarez

A little about Geovani & Wendy Juárez: Geovani and Wendy were married in 2004 and have 3 children: Diego, Andres and Sofia. They are currently serving as Base Directors for…

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Projects in Guatemala

Guatemala Music School

Our music school in Guatemala is being launched as a tool used to reach, encourage and evangelize the local population, including children and youth who are living in communities characterized…

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Guatemala Rescue Project

This is a long-term community transformation project that works with low-income families in the community of Eucalyptus, Guatemala through spiritual direction, education, mental and physical healthcare, nutrition, discipleship classes, sports…

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Guatemala Single Mothers Program

This program is called 'huellas' (meaning footprints), named after Psalm 17: 5 "sustain my steps in your ways, so that my feet do not slip." The vision of this ministry…

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Trips in Guatemala

Global Teams

Our Global Teams program sends dozens of teams each year to our missionary bases on fully customized mission trips. Based on the skills, strengths, abilities and time frame of your…

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Guatemala Mission Trips

Come and serve with us in Guatemala! Over 75% of Guatemala's population lives below the poverty line, and your team can make a life-changing impact when serving alongside our base…

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Youth Group Mission Trips

Bring your youth on an international mission trip! Youth and family pastors! Allow us to serve and work with you to create the perfect mission trip for your youth group.…

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