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Located in northern South America, Colombia borders the Caribbean Sea, between Panama and Venezuela. 

In 2022 statistics show approximately 46% of Colombia lives in poverty. This poverty, along with its past history of guerrilla warfare, has driven the Colombian people to the cities. Squatter villages of thousands and thousands of people have developed outside the larger cities. CFCI Colombia operates several ministries for the people of these villages as well as the impoverished inside the cities of Medellin, Bogota, and more! 

In Colombia we do community outreaches, training courses, street evangelism, and more. We also partner with local churches in Colombia City to do community outreaches so that people hear the Gospel through these events and have the opportunity to get connected to a local church afterwards. 

Our mission is to continue transforming the cities of Colombia by transforming one life at a time. 

CFCI Colombia believes in the validity of the call of Matthew 24:19 for the church: “Go into all the world and make disciples”. That is why four of our ministries are directly focused on evangelism and discipleship. SEMBRADORES DE VIDA (Sowers of life), knocks on every door and approaches each person with the gospel in marginalized sectors of Medellín. THE CALEB MISSION MINISTRY carries out and promotes evangelization to children in sectors of influence.

Usually, local churches request the support of the ministry. BETSAIDA (fisherman's house), every week evangelizes, disciples and prays with workers within their companies and evangelizes and disciples 60 prisoners of the most important prison in Medellín. In addition to the above, the GOSPEL PARK Foundation organizes and performs a concert every year within the framework of the most important cultural event in the city: the Flower Fair (and one of the most important in the country).

Gospel Park summons local, national and international Christian musicians and bands that with their music exalt the name of the Lord and testify of His salvation to many young people. We believe that the city is transformed with lives transformed through the Gospel.

We believe that the work of Christ cannot be done without the body of Christ. That is why CFCI-Colombia works hard to develop and maintain bonds of brotherhood, mentoring, training and consulting for Pastors, Ministers and leaders of the churches of the city.

We have three ministries that care for and dignify the pastoral work in the city. KOINONÓS brings together around 150 pastors and ministers for mutual care, prayer, and edification through the Word. It also organizes and promotes events that provide tools for pastoral and leadership work. AT HIS FEET, is a ministry directed towards women, leaders and pastor's wives. Through workshops, conferences and other events that it organizes for the care, edification and transformation of women and wives of pastors and ministers.

In the same way, GROW IN FAMILY is a ministry that provides support to members of pastoral families and church leaders, through therapeutic accompaniment. CFCI-Colombia bets on the spiritual and ministerial health of pastors and ministers because there is the strength for services of great impact in the city.

Even though each of ministries mentioned above, occasionally accompanies their work with social work, CFCI-Colombia has two ministries that bring hope through social work aimed at children from low-income families in marginalized sectors.

SUS PROPOSITOS (His purposes) and CASA DE AMOR (House of love) are strongly committed to nurturing, discipling and training in artistic areas, managing to impact the hearts of children and their families, as well as the places where these ministerial activities are carried out. We believe that the Gospel must respond to the needs of populations in marginal sectors of the city.

Missionaries in Colombia

William and Nadia Zapata

William and Nadia Zapata offer accompaniment and coaching to local churches in order to support and train their leadership. They place special emphasis on the development of projects with social…

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Rolando & Nubia Rincon

Rolando and his wife Nubia serve as the CFCI city base directors in Bogota, Colombia. Some of their other ministry focuses are praying for the city. Contact Information: Skype: rolando23071…

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Pedro & Mabel Hernandez

Pedro Hernandez has served for twenty-three years in Colombia as Director of Christ For the City, and for six he has been the Vice-President for Latin America. He is married…

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Projects in Colombia

Where Most Needed (Colombia)

Official figures from 2009 indicate that about 46% of Colombians lived below the poverty line and 17% in "extreme poverty". This poverty, along with its past history of guerrilla warfare,…

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Mission Caleb

Mission Caleb is a ministry of Christ For International in Colombia City. It exists to share the Gospel through training and supporting missionaries and the church. Mission Caleb does this…

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Trips in Colombia

Global Teams

Our Global Teams program sends dozens of teams each year to our missionary bases on fully customized mission trips. Based on the skills, strengths, abilities and time frame of your…

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Train Pastors Overseas

You are invited to come train and equip pastors and church leaders in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica or Nicaragua! Pastors, lay leaders and congregations in all of these nations are…

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Youth Group Mission Trips

Bring your youth on an international mission trip! Youth and family pastors! Allow us to serve and work with you to create the perfect mission trip for your youth group.…

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