Nicaragua Emergency Relief Fund

Due to the recent and violent political unrest within Nicaragua our base and its life-changing ministries are suffering a substantial loss of income resulting in a financial deficit of $20,880.

Please consider donating to CFCI Nicaragua during this difficult time, as they seek to continue operation of their medical clinic, theological development and education programs, as well as women’s ministry and serving people and pastors in need.

Nicaragua Humanitarian Aid

CFCI is joining with other Christian organizations to respond to the emergency of our brothers on the Caribbean Coast due to Hurricane ETA. There are many destroyed houses, access bridges were washed away preventing access by vehicles. The waters are polluted and there is little access to basic needs such as water, food, and toiletries. Many missing homes need to be raised. The Miskito communities of Wawabar and Karata are two of the indigenous communities on the Caribbean Coast that were most devastated. In Wawabar the destruction was so severe that almost 400 houses completely disappeared and the rest were left homeless.

The first three objectives are to provide:

Medical assistance
Water purification

Theological Development in Nicaragua

The vision of this project is to train and teach local pastors and ministry leaders, equipping them with Biblical Study tools to correctly and helpfully teach the word of God to their congregations.

This program includes mentoring and training seminars in topics such as Inductive Bible Study and Leadership Motivation.

For this ministry to reach its full potential, our Nicaragua is in need of financial, personnel and material support; including teams and the donation of Bibles, concordances, Bible dictionaries, scholarships and medical assistance and clothing donation for pastors and their families.

The cost of these donations (per year) is:

Bibles: $900

Discipleship Materials: $400

Clothing for Pastors: $150

Scholarships: $120

Medical assistance: $1,350

Total donations needed: $2,920

Youth Ministry in Nicaragua

Our Youth Ministry “GENERATION SEER” (Service, Evangelism, Equip, Recreation) is focused on training and teaching the youth pastors and leaders in Nicaragua with a biblical perspective. Our vision is to transform and empower the emergent youth pastors who assumes the great commission challenge. We faithfully believe that youth has God’s strength and dynamism to take the Gospel to the entire world. It is our mission to biblically prepare youth pastors and leaders, training them with the necessary skills and abilities with the purpose to take to their communities and structures impact ministries.

In this ministry area we give tools and resources to those who work on youth discipleship for the new generations. The ministry provides mentoring and follow up with the purpose to facilitate tools and resources such as: youth books, bibles, recreation resources, scholarships, training conferences, audiovisual resources, camps, etc.






Total Donation Needs: $8493.64

You can support us by:

Being the knees that pray for the needed.

Being hands that give for the development of this ministry area.

Being the feet that comes in a team or as volunteer to work with Youth Pastors and Leaders.

Come to Nicaragua!

Bring teams to minister youth pastors and leaders. Teach Bible, leadership, evangelism, discipleship classes and training.

Organize youth pastors and leaders camps. Make a lasting difference in the life of youth that lives in difficult situations.

New Image Program

New Image is a ministry dedicated to serving women who have been involved in prostitution in Managua, Nicaragua.

It provides a safe space for women to heal, learn and grow. Women are provided with mentorship, fellowship, therapy and training. They are given the opportunity to learn about God, themselves and new avenues for earning income.

New Image is working to break the cycle of abuse and restore the self worth and dignity of women through high quality care.

Education Ministry in Nicaragua

A lack of educational opportunities is a big problem within Nicaragua. Although the tutition itself is free, many students miss out on the opportunity to attend or complete school as their parents cannot afford the minimal costs of uniforms, shoes, books, and school supplies.

This is why we run out Hope School (Escuela Esperanza) Program. The program is designed to support Nicaraguan school children in a number of ways, including:

The provision of school supplies such as books, uniforms and Bibles.

The provision of school and classroom items for schools in need, such as printers, ink, paint and sinks.

The improvement of school grounds, including clean-up projects, or the construction of sports fields and science laboratories.

The offering of seminars about physical, emotional and spiritual health for students, parents and teachers.

Support and mentoring of the teachers.

The provision of academic scholarships for students who wish to continue their education, but can not afford to do so without assistance.

The overall vision for Program Escuela Esperanza is to provide the next generation of Nicaragua with a witness of the Lord and His personal love, a vision of a better future for the nation through betterment in education quality, personal hope for the present and future with the tools of a better education, and hope for an eternal future through Jesus Christ.

We are committed to inspire, instruct, and be models of the body of Christ as we equip schools to offer a better level of education and work to combat the impact of school desertion due to the lack of economic resources.

The breakdown of the total financial goal is as following per year:

School supplies and backpacks: $900
Student scholarships: $5,002
Student followup: $70
Mentoring: $128
Family seminars: $110
Medical care for children: $360
Family day: $420
School improvement project: $1,500
Total finances needed per year: $8,490

Health Programs in Nicaragua

Our Health Program in Nicaragua exists to transform lives through holistic medical care, facilitating medical care with Christian foundations. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Central America / Latin America and its two main social needs are health and education.

Through this Health program we carried out National Medical Brigades (with local volunteer medical staff) and International Brigades with US citizens for free specialties in different rural areas of Nicaragua.

We create Alliances and Strategic Coverage with other collaborative entities for the development of this program in vulnerable areas of Nicaragua. Carlitos Medical Clinic is one of these clinics.

We are working to open future medical clinics of specialties equipped to meet the needs of the Nicaraguan population.

Clinica Medica Carlitos, is our clinic and pharmacy provides permanent medical care in a rural area of Nicaragua administered by our missionaries Doctors Carlos & Aracelis Lacayo. Medical consultations at the clinic are offered to impoverished communities in the surrounding area for less than $3, including the cost of medications. At every opportunity, the gospel and practical love of Jesus are shared along with medical treatments.

This medical health program needs equipment and finances to better serve the Nicaraguan communities.

Sonogram machine: $5,000

Ultrasound printer: $1,200

Medical materials: $300

Training for local doctors: $100

Medical care for pastors: $600

Medical care for missionaries: $240

Stationary dental clinic: $5,000

Total cost of necessary financial assistance: $12,440

Where Most Needed (Nicaragua)

Nicaragua is located just north of Costa Rica and south of Honduras. Over the past 50 years Nicaragua has experienced devastating natural disasters and political upheaval, leaving half of the population living on less than $2 a day. The GDP per capita is a little more than $1,000. Many pastors in Nicaragua have little to no formal training.

CFCI-Nicaragua’s vision is to train and equip leaders in the body of Christ, by reaching out to their communities through the five following ministry areas:

  • Theological Development: This ministry serves pastors and church leaders throughout Nicaragua, with training and development in leadership, rural evangelism, Inductive Bible Study, and the application of the Scriptures amongst other topics.
  • Education: Escuela Esperanza (The Hope School Program) has been partnering with Nicaraguan schools in low-income areas for over 10 years. The aim of the program is to show the love of Christ in a practical way, and equip the future generations of Nicaragua with quality education and personal hope. They do this through the provision of school supplies, such as books and uniforms for children who cannot afford them, as well as teacher training and mentorship, family seminars on topics like nutrition, life skills and relationships, and the provision of funds, for improvements to the school, and academic scholarships.
  • Women’s Ministry: Our women’s ministry in Nicaragua offers training and teaching to women in areas such as Inductive Bible Studies, Mentoring, Health, Life Skills and Creative Arts among others.
  • Base Development: This ministry connects need in Nicaragua with those who are able and willing to help. CFCI Nicaragua is directly involved in providing aid to impoverished communities, schools and churches in the form of scholarships, supplies, construction materials and water systems among other things. The base also facilitates mission trips for groups and individuals, as well as service, training and growth opportunities for their own personnel.
  • Health and Medical Care: Our medical program in Nicaragua provides rural areas with basic medical care, with the help of International Medical Teams, National Medical Brigades, and our permanent clinic in Leon.

Women’s Ministry in Nicaragua

Our ‘United by Christ’ exists to empower and equip women with skills and abilities to be agents of change in their communities by forming, strengthening and developing women’s ministries that transform lives.

Mission: To facilitate holistic development in women, equipping them through projects and programs to strengthen their faith, improve their quality of life, and find their purpose in God.

Part of this program trains women on Inductive Bible Study, Biblical feminity course, Conferences, special programs and Fresh Start teachings (on forgiveness and freedom in Christ).

In addition, the program teaches income generating and education skills for women, through courses and crafts, such as: local entrepreneurship; jewelry manufacturing; card making; hairdressing and styling courses; hair bows and ribbons making. It offers professional and financial advice,counseling and mobile medical assistance to women in need.

The cost of this project per year is:

Team training: $150

Hosting national conferences: $6,000

Biblical training: $2,276

Church support: $150

Jewelry making: $800

Card making: $300

Craft costs: $500

Entrepreneurship project: $250

Mentoring: $200

Counseling: $100

Mobile medical assistance: $200

Total cost: $10,926

Judith and Valentin Herrera

In 2017 Judith entered CFCI NICARAGUA as a volunteer in the School of Hope Program. That same year she was accepted as a missionary. A year later VALENTIN also accepted God’s call and applied as a missionary.

Both are now serving full time, Valentin as the coordinator of the youth ministry who is in charge of training and directly supporting the youth ministry of Nicaragua to bring the message of salvation to the youth of the country; and Judith coordinates the School of Hope program that supports Christian schools with educational mentoring for teachers, psychological care for children and families who belong to the schools, scholarships for low-income students, and medical care.
Both are grateful that God uses them as instruments to support the youth and schools of their country and above all for having the opportunity to share hope of life through the message of the cross.

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