Ronald Brossa

Ronald is a living witness to God’s love. His life reflects God’s grace and mercy, so he lives in gratitude to God and is committed to sharing with others about the One who loves us unconditionally. God has allowed him to earn a bachelor’s degree in Theology, train as a Chaplain and train in the area of Leadership.

God has given Ronald the opportunity to coordinate scholarships for Christ For the City International El Salvador, lead the Abundant Life Bible bootcamps, train church leaders, attend to short-term mission teams and provide support in all areas where help is needed.

Ronald is a blessed father and proud of his children: Marcella, André, Gabriela and Alexa and his grandchildren Natan, Antonella and Phoebe.


Tony Chavez Lopez

Tony Chavez Lopez has served in prison ministry for several years. He has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in theology and biblical Languages. As a teacher, Tony is committed to teaching theology, sharing his knowledge with fervor and dedication. He manages an online platform which facilitates greater student participation, thereby making a significant social and theological impact on new generations of believers and non-believers.

Tony is married to Vanessa. They have 3 daughters, Mery, Adira and Arisbeth. Tony is dedicated, above all, to God, and secondly to his family, who support him unconditionally. They are a family that believes and experiences God’s constant grace.

Faro Project

After a period of civil war, El Salvador has entered into a time of rising gang violence. Through the use of extortion and violence, gangs control vast portions of the urban communities. This region is considered one of the most violent in the world, and six million children and adolescents undergo severe abuse every year, including abandonment.

As there is even gang activity within the schools, youth often join as a means to escape violence at home, and obtain drugs, identity, and a place in the world.

This is the reason that Christ for the City International works hard in this area to prevent children and youth from joining gangs through the development of youth centeres in the heart of gang controlled areas. Here, young people can come and be a part of a different kind of community where they are loved and accepted, and where the Gospel is shared.

These centres also provide a place for training in subjects like computer skills, jewelry making, English classes, art, cooking, music and more. They also gives youth the opportunity to participate in other activities such as Bible Studies, sports, field trips and retreats.

Since its beginning in 2012, the Faro Project has been able to open four new youth centres, with hopes of opening two more in the areas of Soyapango and San Marcos. Each of the youth houses will have a Mentors Group, made up of responsible adults in local churches who are volunteering their time to evangelize and guide the young people. We are looking for project partners to make this dream a reality.

The Spanish word, Faro means Beacon a guiding light. These youth centers will provide the light of the Word of God for the inner city youth of San Salvador.

All donations to this project will make a huge difference in the lives of children living in areas rampant with gang-violence in El Salvador.

The Masters Workshop

The Masters Workshop is a prison ministry to men and women in El Salvador. These people are not only deprived of their physical liberty, but are spiritual prisoners; living without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our team meets with prisoners to teach them about God and help them to grow in their faith through Discipleship and Bible Study classes, as well as English teaching.

Logo de Esperanza

Logo de Esperanza is a project that was created in the memory of a little girl who lost her battle to cancer at the age of 5. We are focusing on her home community of Jicalapa, El Salvador and dedicating our vision towards the Word of God. Jicalapa is a community that is 50 miles from the city and has very scarce resources. In this project, not only will we be sharing the Gospel with those who lack the knowledge of Jesus Christ but we will also be focusing on rebuilding the community in a holistic aspect. This project is directed in spirit, health, education, construction, social help, feeding programs, and entrepreneurship. Thus, implementing structure and work ethic by creating jobs and a school for the adolescents to attend as the nearest school is approx. a 10 mile walk. In creating jobs, local citizens will have the opportunity at entrepreneurship as a way to provide for their families. Community leaders will be educated on their responsibility to guide their community to a fulfilling lifestyle. The children will have the safe haven of a food program where they can get their meals at the local church. Sundays will be committed to their spiritual and physical health as the pastors and medical staff will hold church services and walk in clinics.

La Calzada Island

Community development, church outreach and agriculture development on a remote island.

Medical & Dental Clinic

With only 2% of the Salvadoran population covered by private health care, the remaining 98% is left to be cared for by an under-resourced and over-crowded public health system. CFCI’s medical and dental clinic exists to provide affordable, high quality care to the local community, attending to both the physical and spiritual health of its clients, while seeking to bring free services to the unreached population of El Salvador living in extreme poverty.

El Salvador Soccer School

This ministry exists to serve the at-risk youth of El Salvador. Gang life is an everyday reality in the areas we work, and the soccer school offers a Christ centered alternative to the dangers waiting for these kids in the streets. CFCI’s soccer school has been designed to create a fun and challenging environment that not only develops the student’s soccer skills, but also shapes and molds their lives outside the field. CFCI’s soccer school has also created a scholarship fund to provide academic opportunities for the students after they leave the program.

Where Most Needed (El Salvador)

Surrounded by Honduras and Guatemala, El Salvador boasts the most densely populated country in Central America. Of its more than 7 million people, nearly 90% are of mixed Indian and Spanish descent. In 2001 El Salvador adopted the US Dollar as its currency along with the colon.

During the past several decades, El Salvador has faced many trials, from civil war to natural disasters. Despite this, the country has a growing economy. It is not uncommon to see lavishly developed shopping centers right next to severely impoverished neighborhoods riddled with gangs and violence. CFCI is working within these areas to empower community development through both holistic and evangelistic ministries.

Speaking Hope

English proficiency has become an increasingly great advantage while searching for a job in El Salvador. The ability to learn English represents hope for many Salvadorans. However, most fall short of reaching that hope because they cannot afford the cost of such classes.

Speaking Hope classes are held free of charge for men, women and children in various communities around San Salvador. The curriculum teaches English through the use of the Bible. With this students not only have hope to learn English but also hope to find the gospel of Jesus Christ.

PLEASE NOTE: Per IRS guidelines all contributions to Christ for the City International are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law and made with the understanding that Christ for the City International has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

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