Global Teams

Our Global Teams program sends dozens of teams each year to our missionary bases on fully customized mission trips.
Based on the skills, strengths, abilities and time frame of your team we work together to create a meaningful experience, complete with orientation, ministry projects, debrief and sightseeing.
Your team will travel to new countries, experience new cultures, be immersed in local communities, and have the opportunity to live out and discover how your team can make a difference.
We take care of all your in-country logistics, and each trip will be led by one of our missionaries on the field. You will work with locals, churches and pre-existing ministries so that your mission trip will have an on-going community impact once you return home.
There is also the opportunity to Join-A-Team as an individual or couple, which are made up of like-minded people from all around the world. Please contact our office or check our website for the current Join-A-Team opportunities.
All of our Global Teams trips are personalized and affordable, crafted around the dates, interests, skills and passions of your team. You choose the time-frame, location and ministries.
TIME FRAME: 7-21 Days
Vocational Training
Community Outreach
Equipping Churches
Children’s and Youth Ministry
Island Outreach
Women’s Ministry
Sports Teams
English Teaching
Camp Ministry
Indigenous Outreach
Rural Outreach
Urban Outreach
Orphanage Ministry
Pastoral Training

Medical/Dental Mission Trips

You are invited to work alongside national doctors and dentists to provide medical care and prayer to marginalized people living in city slums and rural villages!
Join us in Costa Rica , working in our medical/dental clinic, located in the largest slum in Central America: La Carpio. For 20 years our clinic has been serving the surrounding community, seeing upwards of 100 patients every week.
In El Salvador, you can come alongside our medical/dental team, serving the surrounding impoverished communities and going on rural outreaches to bring medical and spiritual hope to those who otherwise have no healthcare access.
Assist our doctors in providing medical care to people with little to no access to medical assistance in rural Nicaragua.
In Zimbabwe our team goes into the hospital to pray for individuals who do not have family that visits them. We also regularly visit with and check on individuals who have been recently released from the hospital.

Youth Group Mission Trips

Bring your youth on an international mission trip!
Youth and family pastors! Allow us to serve and work with you to create the perfect mission trip for your youth group. Both our Urban Plunge (U.S.A.) and our Global Teams Department have a huge number of options for sending your team nationally or internationally.
We specialize in creating customizable and affordable trips that match the passions of your group with national and international need.
Begin your journey today by filling out the contact form below. Allow us to take the stress out of planning your mission trip, as we take care of the food, accommodation, schedule, logistics, health insurance, translators, and more.

Sports Mission Trips

Bring your sports team overseas!
Run clinics, camps and training sessions, teach the Bible alongside sporting skills, and play against college and professional teams.
Come and play soccer, baseball, basketball or softball in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua or Zimbabwe .
Or, volleyball in El Salvador, Nicaragua or Zimbabwe.

Family Trips

Bring your family on a mission trip!
We at Christ For the City International specialize in creating fully personalized mission trips for all individuals and teams, including families!
If you want to take a mission trip as a family, as a couple, with or without children, or with multiple generations, you name it, we will work with you to create the perfect experience for your passions and calling.
Fill out the form below or contact us today to begin the journey of discovering your mission as a family!

El Salvador Mission Trips

You are invited to come and serve with us in El Salvador! Join us as we spread the hope and love of Jesus Christ amid poverty-stricken and gang-controlled neighborhoods and communities.
Travel to the rural islands of El Salvador to help our team provide for the spiritual, physical and educational needs of marginalized and rural populations.
Come alongside our medical and dental team to reach out to impoverished people. Go on outreaches to rural villages and provide life-saving healthcare alongside the message and practical assistance of the Gospel.
Bring your soccer team to El Salvador! We have a soccer school that teaches at-risk children the Gospel, sportsmanship and life-skills alongside their sport. Host sports clinics for youth living in slums and play competitive games against local teams.
Come and give practical assistance to those in great need by providing food, construction, tutoring, vocational training, Bible teaching and more! Use your skills to share the practical love of Christ with people in need.
Bring hope to children and youth living in gang-controlled communities through VBS, games, youth programs, classes, tutoring, and our Faro Youth Development centers.
*El Salvador has an 6 person team minimum

El Salvador Medical Join-A-Team

You are invited to join one of our Medical trips to El Salvador!
Come and provide life saving medical services to people in need in the rural and unreached communities of El Salvador! Pray for patients, share the love of God and use your professional training to make a difference overseas!
These teams are open to both medical and non medical personnel.
The dates for this trip are:
June 15-22, 2024
Please fill out the form below or contact our office for more information ( / (402) 592 8332)

Education Mission Trips

You are invited to come and serve with us in the field of education overseas!
Work alongside our Speaking Hope programs in El Salvador or Guatemala. These programs teach English using the Bible, providing an incredible opportunity to share about the Gospel.
Or, assist local schools in El Salvador, Nicaragua or Zimbabwe with resources, training or empowerment opportunities.
As with all of our fully-customized mission trips, you have the opportunity to partner education ministry with other options, such as construction, medical/dental outreach, evangelism, children’s ministry and more!

Childrens Ministry

You are invited to bring a team to work with at-risk children overseas! We have opportunities for teams in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Zimbabwe.
You can bring hope to children living in slum communities by partnering with our community center and local churches in Argentina, reaching out to children through feeding programs, VBS, dramas, puppets, music, games and more.
In Colombia, you have the opportunity to work with children in-need through homework help, before and after school care, feeding programs, games, Bible stories and special projects.
You can work with our largest base, Costa Rica, by partnering with our many children’s programs or our Bible School.
Bring hope to children and youth living in gang-controlled communities through VBS, games, youth programs, classes, tutoring, and our Faro Youth Development centers in El Salvador.
In Guatemala, you have the opportunity to work with children in need through teaching English, feeding programs, sports and other engaging opportunities.
In Nicaragua, you can minister to children through ESL, feeding programs, or even a sports ministry.
In Zimbabwe you can partner with local schools to work with kids in need through VBS programs, music, art, worship, drama, sports or dance!
As with all of our fully-customized mission trips, you have the opportunity to partner kids ministry with other options, such as construction, medical/dental outreach, evangelism and more!

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