Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America, with a population of 14 million people. 4 million of these reside in the capital of Guatemala City. 60% of the population living  in and around Guatemala City live in poverty. Guatemala also has the highest fertility rate in Latin America, and the highest population growth rate which has resulted in almost half of Guatemala’s population being under the age of 19. The rest of the population resides in rural areas, but urbanization is on the rise. This creates a great opportunity for our Guatemala Base to shine the light of Christ.

Base Planter

Alex Rossi is our base planter within Guatemala, and will be beginning to grow our presence and ministries within the country throughout 2018.

Base Objectives

As we grow, our base in Guatemala aims to meet the critical needs of the people, with a specific focus on the youth.

Our primary focus will be serving the poor and the needy through Christ-centered ministry projects including medical clinics, VBS, soccer and basketball camps, an ESL school, feeding programs and other community projects.

Our secondary focus will be teaching, training and equipping the Guatemalan church and its leaders with tools for evangelism.

Base Opportunities 

As soon as possible, we aim to accommodate and plan for short term mission teams within Guatemala.