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What is a “Local Plunge?”

The Urban Plunge is a year-round ministry of Christ For the City International (CFCI). We send out teams into the inner city to experience serving like Jesus did to the least of these. The purpose of a Local Urban Plunge remains the same as our original Urban Plunge one-day, weekend, or week-long trip: engaging participants in hands-on ministry opportunities, taking them outside of their comfort zone, and helping them discover who God has made them to be and what He is calling them into. This falls under our mission here at CFCI as we work to transform cities by transforming lives! We strive to stay true to this while creating a Plunge format that is accommodating to our teams given the nature of today’s concerns. By participating on a Local Plunge, there is no need to travel very far nor make arrangements to stay anywhere overnight. The idea is to welcome teams that are already in or near our current UP cities to join us for a full day of serving the community- schedule, food, and immersive study curriculum provided for the team- just like normal! We are thrilled to be filling you in on some of the changes in scheduling and formatting for this Local Plunge…

So what does a Local Plunge entail?

Your team will be gathering together on a Friday night in the nearest UP city to you to prepare for a full Saturday of ministry with, depending on your own team size, a few other teams! Your Coordinator has a list of 3-5 ministries that are prepared for your group and are eager to have you join in on projects or outreach that is unique to them! Here is what is provided for you and your team:

  • An organized schedule for a full day of facilitated outreach.
  • Discovery journals to provoke conversation and discussion of Biblical themes.
  • Scripture-centered curriculum unique to Urban Plunge that will provide your team with extra insight and knowledge.
  • A well-rounded orientation led the Friday night before by your City Coordinator to prepare your team for a busy day ahead! You don’t want to miss this! This will also be your chance to pick up your team’s lunches for Saturday.
  • Lunch and Dinner on Saturday.
  • A Scripture-centered discussion on missions led by the Urban Plunge staff Saturday evening as a final debrief (pizza dinner party included.)


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