ABOUT School for Persecuted Kids

Our team in rural Mexico works with persecuted Christians in indigenous communities.

Recently, the believers in one of these communities have been cut off from all community services including water, healthcare, transportation, burial rights and education.

Without access to their school, it has left 30 preschool and elementary aged children without access to an education.

Four young girls from the community (each with only a 9th grade education themselves) have stepped up to try and teach the children, but they face enormous challenges – teaching without any resources, books, or even tables, chairs or classroom walls.

The children still allowed to attend the regular school have been taking advantage of the unfinished wall; taunting and throwing things at the Christian kids.

$1,500 will not only finish the wall, so that the children will be protected as they learn, but it will provide chairs, tables, a blackboard and much needed reading and writing materials as well.