Where Most Needed (Tijuana-El Nino)

In 2006, Pastor Daniel Nunez felt God call him to expand his Transformation Ministry to include planting churches throughout Tijuana, Mexico. Since then, Pastor Danny has planted over 20 churches. His ministry also trains and develops the pastors and the staff members of these churches.

Pastor Danny has also created a separate non-profit ministry, Kingdom Builders Ministry (KBM,) to support the mission of his Transformation Ministry. The vision of KBM is to plant new churches, train pastors, share the Gospel, and build homes and churches.

They also sponsor children so that they can go to school, prepare and serve breakfast to hungry children, do periodic health and dental clinics, and spend time with men in hospice, as well as other community projects.

Emmanuel Orphanage – Tijuana

Emmanuel Orphanage started in Tijuana 20 years ago. The Orphanage has been able to open three houses during this time. One of the houses serves girls between the ages of 6 and 17. These girls have been victims of abuse, sexual abuse, and/or have been sexually exploited. Another house serves children between the ages of 10 and 17. These children have also been through difficult circumstances such as abandonment, abuse, and homelessness. Today Emmanuel Orphanage serves nearly 100 children and adolescents. The Orphanage creates a family atmosphere for the children, a sense of belonging, and above all else it creates respect for the children’s rights.

Where Most Needed (Tijuana)

One of 42 border cities, Tijuana is home to nearly 1.5 million people. Located just 18 miles south of San Diego, over 40 million people cross over this border every year. Though they are just miles apart, Mexico and the United States remain drastically different countries.

In 2010, the difference in GDP per capita between the United States and Mexico was over $30,000. That number means very little unless you consider it in the context of the everyday lives of the Mexican people who live in abject poverty. Many cannot afford even the basic necessities of life: food, clothing and shelter.

CFCI has stepped in to provide a home to abandoned and abused children, to evangelize the lost and broken, and to train and give resources to pastors.

Refugio (Cuco) Gonzalez

Refugio (Cuco) is one of our missionaries in Tijuana, Mexico. He is currently raising money to distribute over 20,000 “Jesus Films” to churches for ministry and discipleship purposes. If you would like to donate to this project please write “operation light” in the message field of the donation page.

Jesus & Rosa Rodriguez

Jesus and Rosa Rodriguez are serving in the city of Tijuana, Mexico. Both of them have a heart for the pastors and leaders in the churches in Mexico. They teach and do counseling and inner healing, spiritual disciplines and mentoring younger leaders. They also lead marriage and leadership retreats. Believing that leaders with healthy hearts and centered on Christ can bring His love in unity to our city.

Eduardo & Ana Mendez

Eduardo and his wife Ana serve as the directors of Emmanuel Orphanage in Tijuana. They are also pastoral/leader training and pastoral counseling.

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