My name is Rachel Beach. I am the Urban Plunge Assistant. I started this position full-time at the beginning of May. It has been a great learning experience so far.  A couple of my responsibilities include helping create the schedules for the groups that will be going on the Omaha Urban Plunge. I also help with follow-up tasks with groups after they have gone on the Plunge. One of my favorite parts of this position is reading the evaluation forms that the team members fill out. It is interesting to see what the team members say about what they liked about their trip and how they have grown from the experience. I’ll leave you with two quotes from some of the past Urban Plunge participants on how the Urban Plunge has impacted their lives.
“It opened my eyes to better serve Jesus”
             –commented a participant from Our Savior Lutheran Church
“The Plunge moved me closer to wanting to do full-time ministry to the poor and broken”

             – stated a Trinity Christian Reformed Church team member