The following list is a number of workshops and seminars that we offer in our areas of expertise, for church, women’s, men’s, youth, children’s, missions, workplace conferences and retreats. The length of these workshops and seminars varies, and can all be tailored to meet your needs. For more information, please contact our office.

Dr. Duane ‘Chip’ Anderson

CFCI President/CEO (

  • How the Church can Serve the City –This seminar presents different models of ministry that can be used by churches to come together,and serve their cities.
  • 5 Ways to Fail in Mission Work – This seminar will present five of the most common problems that churches face when trying to carry out local and international mission work, as well as possible solutions.
  • When Helping Hurts–This seminar is based off the book by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert, and examines how to alleviate poverty without hurting the poor.
  • Effective Church Partnerships – The workshop focuses on different models of partnerships to enhance long-term outreaches and strategies. Elements and ideas for healthy partnerships will be discussed, and problem areas, common misconceptions and myths about partnerships will be explored.
  • Understanding Latino Culture – To effectively evangelize and minister to Latinos, we must first understand their culture. Presented by a North American who lived in Latin America for 18 years. This presentation offers information about the culture, history, and values of Latinos, as well as simple ways for individuals and churches to build and strengthen relationships with Latin communities.
  • Trends Affecting the Churches in Latin America – The churches in Latin America have been experiencing a revival for the last 40 years. This workshop is an examination of what led to this revival, what threats face the church today, and how individuals and churches can be involved in what God is doing within Latin America.
  • Set Apart for Our Suffering – This seminar explores the Biblical understanding of suffering, including Christ’s conquering, our hope, suffering for our faith and suffering as refinement.
  • Why help? The Justice, Mercy, Jesus Issue – This workshop answers the question of ‘why help’ by exploring the bigger story that God has been telling throughout history, the secular vs. Biblical views on suffering and justice, and the pursuit of God’s Kingdom on earth today.
  • The Hoax of Happiness – This seminar explores the modern pursuit of happiness as compared to our Christian pursuit of holiness, the significance of our lives on earth and the joy of Jesus in our lives.
  • Living Biblically in an Increasingly Pluralistic Society – This workshop navigates how to apply Biblical absolutes in a world of individualistic choices and preferences. It answers how to be in this world, but not of it.
  • Samplings of the Church in China – This seminar provides an overview of some of the innovative things that are going on in China, in regards to church growth and how we can be a part of what God is doing throughout the nation.

Angie Busch

Mission Teams Director (

  • Christ For the City International Missions – This informative seminar provides information about all the opportunities available through Christ For the City International. Teams or individuals can serve short or long-term across 16 different countries, and 90 different ministries!
  • ‘You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know Until You Know It’ – This seminar examines the value, theology and beliefs behind taking missions trips, and getting outside of one’s comfort zone and culture to serve the Lord. It answers the question, ‘Why should I go on a mission trip?’

Norman Welch

Mission Teams Marketing Specialist (

  • Take the Urban Plunge – This brief seminar explains the benefits of our Urban Plunge program; how groups can love God and love people by volunteering and partnering in one of seven United States inner-city locations. Serve the poor, pray for others, be the hands and feet of Jesus!
  • How to Create a Missions-Focused Church – This workshop examines the ways in which church communities can streamline their mission vision and programs to positively affect their communities and the nations for Christ.
  • Small Church Missions in a Big Church World – This workshop offers practical guidelines for small churches to operate faithfully and with impact in communities with mega-church resources and mindsets.

Sheryl Gehrls

Omaha Base Director (

  • Mentoring – This workshop examines the characteristics of being a good mentor, finding good mentors, the importance of mentors in our development and building balanced mentoring clusters in our lives.
  • Hearing the Voice of God – This workshop discusses the various ways God speaks to us and leads us in our daily lives.
  • Knowing God – This seminar focuses on the Names and Character Attributes of God, specifically discussing how knowing God should impact the way we live our lives. We will consider the Biblical foundation for each name and character attribute presented, as well as what God was revealing to us about Himself in each situation.
  • Leadership Development – This workshop focuses on how God grows leaders, using the situations of their lives to build character and skills. We will also discuss the areas of decision-making, delegation and accountability, time management, and the importance of mentors.
  • Building a Pastoral Care Ministry – This workshop covers how one goes about identifying the specific needs of a congregation, recruiting volunteers, and training them in pastoral ministry.
  • Understanding the Pastoral Heart and Gifting – This workshop outlines the recognition and practice of the pastoral heart spiritual gifting, examining how to mobilize those amongst us who are called to the care for the Body of Christ.
  • Grief Care – This workshop examines grief: what it looks like, and how it affects a person’s life. We will discuss how to identify grief in others, and effectively minister to those who are hurting.
  • Visitation – In this workshop we will look at the specific requirements and protocols for hospital visitation, as well as effective and appropriate home visits, in order for pastors and volunteers to keep up with visitation demands within their congregation.
  • Establishing Your Prayer Cover – God never intended us to walk alone to accomplish the challenges He puts before us. By drawing on the character of Nehemiah, this seminar discusses the need for intercessors in our lives, the important qualities they should have, how to find them, and how to communicate your needs with them.
  • The Place of Rest: Considering the Sabbath – This seminar examines the realities of stress and burnout in our culture, how to identify and manage the risks, establish boundaries and implement God’s solution: maintaining the Sabbath.
  • Spiritual Authority – In this workshop we examine the Biblical foundation for spiritual authority, and discuss healthy spiritual authority practices.
  • Spiritual Authority and Character Formation – This seminar explores how God extends spiritual authority in the life of a Leader, and how He uses our circumstances to contribute to our character formation.
  • Spiritual Armor: What is it and Why do we need it? – This workshop begins in Ephesians 6, and walks through each piece of spiritual armor that God has provided for us. In the discussion, we also consider who the enemy is, why we need armor, and additional weapons of warfare that God has given us.
  • Ministry Tools – In this workshop we examine the many ministry tools that have been developed to assist us in accomplishing the work that God has given us; including the Johari Window, the Rahe-Holmes Stress Test, Reopening a Closed Spirit, the Time Management Grid, Management of Change, the Circle of Reconciliation, and a Study on Body, Soul, and Spirit.
  • Understanding the Mission: What Do We Do – Beginning with Matthew 10:7-8 and incorporating Matthew 28:18-20, this seminar examine the Mission of the Church.
  • Strongholds, Fortresses, and Deliverance – This seminar explores the scriptural foundation for spiritual warfare, spiritual strongholds, and setting the captives free. We will also talk about identifying an area of need and ministering appropriately, and how to handle a power encounter.
  • Spiritual Gifts: Motivation, Ministry, and Manifestation – This workshop will help others answer the question: What is my gift? Learn to identify what motivates you to serve God and how it filters your approach to caring for the Body of Christ. Why are spiritual gifts essential to our effective accomplishment of the mission God has given the Church? This discussion also includes finding your Ministry gift to the body, and learning how to handle Manifestation gifts.
  • Making Disciples – This workshop examines how we move someone from being a Seeker to being a solid Believers who disciple others, based on the elements of the Apostles’ Creed; the foundational beliefs held in common by all true Believers.
  • Building Your Networks – This workshop examines how we build networks and find contacts. This discussion will cover gathering and extending contacts, especially when moving to a new city, raising support, or gaining intercessors.