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Abide Network 

Abide is a Leadership and Missionary Training Base that trains and sends out missionaries within Omaha and the world.

As a part of this project, your group will receive a Ministry Presentation and tour of the building. Occasionally, groups help with an outreach or work project.

Better Together Campus

Better Together Campus partners with youth and family programs, family friendly outdoor events on the green space, and provides training and warehouse space for the Lighthouse program. The campus also allows Abide to engage the youth, children, and families that they are currently investing in and expand Abides holistic community approach. The campus is the former location for the Omaha School of the Deaf.

This is one of the accommodation for groups taking the Omaha Urban Plunge. In addition to sleeping here, your facilitator will meet you in this location and conduct introductions and daily debrief. There are also times you may be doing campus cleanups and prayer walks.

Bridge Church 

Bridge Church is a multi-ethnic church whose mission is to help people become radical world-changers who gather, grow, and go so that people and places all over the world are impacted by the love of Jesus Christ.

As a part of this project, your group will hear a ministry presentation, help prepare for the church service, and attend the church service.

Chapel at Nebraska Christian College

Nebraska Christian College is a college with their focus on building leaders to go out and live for the Kingdom through ministry. They have numerous ministry degrees, including Pastoral, Worship Arts, Intercultural Studies, and much more.

As a part of this ministry, your team will attend a student-led chapel service and will be able to meet and talk with the Missions Professor at NCC and discuss topics related to Urban Ministry over lunch.

Compassion In Action 

Compassion In Action (CIA) Inc. is a faith-based organization that works with incarcerated women, their children and the caregivers of their children. CIA provides Pre-Release Education and Re-entry Preparation for both men and women prior to their release from prison.

As a part of this project, your team will hear about this ministry and do a variety of work projects, such as yard work, cleaning, moving, door-to-door handouts, sharing free bread with the neighborhood, or working with the RAW DAWGS Youth Corps Gang Prevention Program.

Cross Training Center 

The Cross Training Center provides vocational training and job experience for those in our community who lack education, skills, and job experience.

As a part of this project, your group will participate in various projects depending on the season. Painting, organizing, cleaning, moving furniture or equipment, yard work, dismantle electronics for recycling. Fireworks season – unload trucks, sort boxes, stock shelves, cashier, customer service, and sacking.

Empty Tomb Church

The Empty Tomb Church reaches the homeless community.

As a part of this project, your group will attend the worship service. They might also be able to hand out toiletry items to the congregation after the service.

Food Bank for the Heartland 

The Food Bank for the Heartland is the main provider for food pantries in the Omaha area.

As a part of this project, your team will sort donated food, box up sorted food, repackage bulk food into family-friendly sized packaging, assemble bags/boxes of food for kids/families in need. Projects are determined by group size and internal need.

Global Leadership Group

Global Leadership Group is building a community garden in North Omaha. Their goal is to beautify the vacant lot, build a sense of community, and provide access to nutritious fruits and vegetables in a “food desert”.

As a part of this project, your group will assist with community planting, which includes tilling, weeding, planting, and building raised beds.

Good Neighbor Ministries

Good Neighbor Ministries provides services to assist those in their community, including groceries, repair projects on their homes, yard clean-up, transportation, and much more.

As a part of this project, your group will primarily help with yard and trash clean-up.

Great Adventure Ministries/Sozo Coffeehouse

Great Adventure Ministries is Omaha’s #1 college and young adult ministry for those 18 – 35. We are located in one of the most ideal locations in our city- the Old Market! Great Adventure is first and foremost focused on the Word of God, the BIBLE, and offering the supportive community we all need to stand and serve in such a complex world.

As a part of this ministry, your group will have the opportunity to prayer walk, paint/organize, debrief/relax, listen to the vision of the ministry, and to participate in dinner, worship, and a Bible study on Tuesday nights.

Heartland Hope Mission 

The Heartland Hope Mission is a food pantry in South Omaha.

As a part of this project, during pantry times, your group will assist our staff by distributing food, clothing and hygiene items to families in need. During off pantry times, your group will help with cleaning, clothing sorting, loading and unloading trucks, sorting and re-stocking food, and gardening.

Hope Center for Kids

The Hope Center is a safe place for kids and teens to go. They provide an after-school program, daily hot meals, educational support, mentoring, social skills training, Bible studies and job creation, amidst a range of other programs.

As a part of this project, your group will help clean and organize, along with having a tour of the Hope Center.


InCommon works to strengthening vulnerable neighborhoods and provide communities the strategic window needed to stop poverty before it even starts through a variety of community-based initiatives.

As a part of this project, your team will be involved with manual labor projects, which often is painting, going door-to-door to pass out flyers and surveys, perform listening projects, tutoring children during our programming, and Youth Outreach.

Joshua Tree Ministry

As youth leaders, our mission is to bring hope through Jesus Christ and study his word together. We want to provide a safe place for highschoolers where they are loved, listened to, and not judged.

As a part of this ministry, your group will participate in a Bible study for high school students and worship.


Keipos uses food, farming, and education to transform lives. In the garden, in the kitchen, and at the table, with hands-on and classroom education, we provide youth programs, distributing produce supplied by our five community gardens and farm, hosting events, internships and tours with volunteer/team/group opportunities.

As a part of this ministry, your team will participate in hands on work in the gardens, farm, and building projects.

Messiah Lutheran Church Mobile Food Pantry

The Messiah Lutheran Church Mobile Food Pantry operates on the second Saturday of the month.

As a part of this project, your group will help with the pantry (moving items off of the truck, setting up the tables, handing out food, helping customers to their cars, cleaning up).

Mission Church

Mission Church’s mission is to unleash unprecedented hope in every inner city around the world.

As a part of this ministry, your group will help prep events, church work, possibly work on houses, passing out fliers, and outdoor clean up.

Omaha Street School

The Omaha Street School focuses on the development of each student in five ways: Physical – nourishment (breakfast, lunch), athletics, physical education, Spiritual – whole person, values, discernment, moral code, Academic/Mental – state-certified instructors, individual attention, minimum of 8 credits per semester, Vocational – college preparation, career preparation, Social – personal responsibility, one-on-one interaction, group interaction. Our goal is to grow the whole person as a whole person rather than seek outcomes in only certain areas for the purpose of impressive reporting but at the expense of the life of the individuals we serve.

As a part of this project, your group will help clean the building, serve lunch, and other projects.

Open Door Mission 

The Open Door Mission is a homeless shelter that assists the homeless to get them back on their feet through job training, counselling services, Bible studies, and the provision of food.

As a part of this project, your team usually will serve at the Timberlake Outreach Center or helping with Food Prep in the Kitchen (it also depends on what day they choose to come and what we already have scheduled).

Prayer Walk

Prayer is a foundational component of Christ For the City International and the Urban Plunge. In Omaha, we’ve mapped the ten highest crime areas in the city and have organized churches to pray in those neighborhoods. In conjunction with leaders in the African American community, we have developed a team known as the “First Responders.” These dedicated intercessors gather at every murder site within 24 hours, and Prayer Walk the area.

As a part of your Urban Plunge experience, we will go on a 20 minute Prayer Walk through the neighborhood. As we debrief, we’ll challenge each Urban Plunge participant to consider Prayer Walking with a friend through their school or neighborhood.


PromiseShip works with youth and families who are involved in the child welfare system due to abuse and neglect allegations.

As a part of this ministry, your group will assist in serving/providing meals, setting up a craft or activity, dress up in themed outfits and interact with the youth and families during the scheduled Open Houses.

Santa’s Camp and Wonderland

Santa’s Camp and Wonderland focuses on pouring back into the community through a community garden and through hospital visits by Santa to ill children.

As a part of this ministry, your group will assist with projects in the commuity garden and various other work projects.

Salem Baptist Church

Salem Baptist is a church that is reaching out to the North Omaha community.

As a part of this ministry, your group will attend this friendly and lively church service, worshiping with the congregation.

Scatter Joy Acres 

Scatter Joy Acres uses animal therapy to assist men, women, and children in maturing their sense of self-worth. They work with special needs in the community, including trauma and loss issues, physical and emotional disabilities, and social and relationship issues.

As a part of this project, your team will hear a ministry presentation and then help with work projects around the ranch. Occasionally, teams will be able to take part in Animal Therapy with Joy. (Joy goes into different senior citizen homes and brings her animals.) Teams might also be able to help Joy bring her animals to different events (carnivals, block parties, parades, etc.).

Siena Francis House 

The Siena Francis House is Nebraska’s largest homeless shelter, where they serve men and women. They provide emergency overnight shelter, food, clothing, and case management outreach services.

As a part of this project, your group will help out with a variety of tasks, including assisting with the creation of hope materials (candy bags, cards, etc.), working in our community garden or cleaning. They can also complete direct service by hosting a game day or party for our guests, as well as serve nachos and hot cocoa.

Stephen Center

Stephen Center has served homeless and low-income individuals in Omaha since 1984. Stephen Center has grown to include a multi-facility campus designed to support vulnerable men, women and children as they seek to overcome homelessness, addiction and poverty.

As a part of this ministry, your group will help clean their offices, organize in their thrift shop, and help serve food to the residents, as well as interacting with them and getting to know their stories.

The Beautiful Gate

The Beautiful Gate is a street ministry that works in the Park Avenue neighborhood.

As a part of this project, your team will do a prayer walk, organize and sort clothes, help clean kitchen, and help with the Street Ministry.