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Behind Every Door

Behind Every Door supports personal transformation by demonstrating the love of God through apartment based community resources.

As part of this project, your group will be afforded the opportunity to provide love and compassion to some of the most under-served children in Dallas by facilitating a VBS like program and provide support services to staff wherever assistance is needed.

Bonton Farms

Bonton Farms is a group of hard-working and passionate people, determined to make a difference in our community of Bonton and others like it. We live and work with an inspired sense of purpose to restore health, create jobs, and ignite hope in everyone around us.

As a part of this project, your group will get to work on an Urban farm that is used as a tool for evangelism, discipleship and providing employment opportunities.

Cornerstone Baptist Church

Cornerstone Baptist Church is built on a foundation of serving the inner-city community of South Dallas. Located in the “war zone”, Cornerstone continues to expand and add ministries that serve those in the community with a “felt need” in order to share the “real need” – a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

As a part of this ministry, your group will cut grass, help with the Senior Citizen Outreach, Construction, Clothing Closet, Homeless Outreach, & children’s clubs.

Cornerstone Baptist Church After-School Program

The Cornerstone After School Program exists to improve the quality of education of children in the neighborhood.

As a part of this project, your group will help the kids with their homework, spend time with the kids outside playing, and eat dinner with them.

Cornerstone Baptist Church Kitchen 

The Kitchen of Cornerstone Baptist Church feeds the surrounding homeless population. Providing food is the gateway to strengthening the bodies and minds of the community and incorporating those who are homeless into the wider services that Cornerstone Baptist has to offer.

As a part of this project, your group may be serving or eating a meal with the homeless, forming relationships, and offering prayer and support.

Cornerstone Baptist Church: Reconstruction Projects

Cornerstone Baptist Church is very involved in the community and meeting the needs of the surrounding area. One need is for safe and affordable housing. To combat this, Cornerstone has been purchasing and re-purposing apartment complexes surrounding their church buildings. They transform them from places of drug usage and other illegal activities into transitional housing for families, women coming out of prison, single mothers, and women with HIV.

As a part of this project, your group may be serving in basic renovation tasks, which goes from cleaning, gardening, to construction and manual labor.

Cornerstone Baptist Church: Summer Children’s Outreach

In the summer, Cornerstone Baptist Church leads camps for children in recreation centers, on vacant lots, in backyards, and neighborhood parks throughout the community.

As a part of this project, teams taking a week long Urban Plunge will have the opportunity to help facilitate elements of this program, including games, special events, etc.

Cornerstone Baptist Church: The Men of Nehemiah 

The Men of Nehemiah is a residential and discipleship ministry, which also has an addiction recovery ministry for homeless and formerly incarcerated men. They offer a range of services, including community feeding, a clothing ministry, worship services, recovery meetings, medical and mental health services, and counseling services.

As a part of this project, your team will have the opportunity to tour the facility and sit in on a worship service.

Dallas International Street Church 

Dallas International Street Church is a congregation made up of those who are homeless, hungry, low-income, at-risk, suffering from substance abuse, sexual abuse, family violence, or mental illness. The church reaches out to the entire person, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and educationally.

As a part of this ministry, your team will participate in various activities – cleaning, sorting clothing, painting, yard and garden work, evangelism, serving food.

H.I.S. Bridge Builders

H.I.S. Bridge Builders is a ministry that unites Christians across several cities to restore urban communities. At a fundamental level, H.I.S. Bridge Builders exists to reconcile lost souls to Jesus Christ through education, health, economic, and spiritual development.

As a part of this project, your team will have the opportunity to serve along side this ministry.

Hope Center

The Hope Center is a huge and beautifully designed business building that holds some of the world’s leading Christian charities and non-profit businesses.

As a part of this project, your team will have the chance to hear about and tour the facility and some of the ministries within it, including ‘I Am Second’.

Inspired Vision Church and Compassion Center

Inspired Vision Church and Compassion Center is a see a need fill a need outreach ministry that strives to be the tangible expression of God’s love.

As a part of this project, your group will get a hands on opportunity to serve some of the poorest residents in Dallas by assisting in the distribution of food.

Life Message

Life Message devotes its energy to passionately providing food & clothing when it’s needed.

As a part of this project, your group be an integral part of coming along side food insecure individuals and provide a helping hand in alleviating hunger by assisting families in need of food.

Mercy Seat Church 

Mercy Seat Church is a ministry of Solomon’s porch that hosts a service every Sunday outside for those who (due to their appearance and situation) are not always welcome in traditional church settings. Mercy Seat Church offers worship and teaching on discipleship, the grace of God, Biblical principals, the Holy Spirit, teamwork, responsibility, and how to love themselves and others.

As a part of this ministry, your team will attend a church service and build relationships with others in the congregation.

The Metropolitan Dream Center 

The Metropolitan Dream Center is a non-profit organization that distributes food to the homeless on a daily basis. It is run by volunteers who reach out to the communities of the great Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

As a part of this project, your group will help with projects around the Center, such as cleaning, organizing, serving, and preparing food.

Northwest Community Center

Northwest Community Center in Vickery Meadow exists to AID refugees to start a new life, EMPOWER refugees to thrive in a new culture, and INVITE refugees to experience new life.

As part of this project your group will work along side caring individuals in providing after school homework assistance to a large and growing population of refugee children who have been relocated here in Dallas.

Our Calling 

Our Calling is a homeless ministry in Dallas that works in the areas of education, mentoring, recovery, and resource distribution. Their mission is to build long-term relationships with homeless individuals in order to lead them into a relationship with Jesus Christ and to invest in their lives through Christian discipleship.

As a part of this project, your group will have many opportunities to help with Bible Studies, resource distribution and prayer, playing games with our homeless friends, or in the kitchen. There are also opportunities to participate in our Search and Rescue ministry, where we go around the city to different homeless camps and check on people we know.

Park Manor

Park Manor is a home for the elderly and disabled that is owned by the Dallas Housing Authority. Many of the residents do not have family to visit or spend time with them.

As a part of this project, your group will be sitting among and talking to the residents and hearing their stories, along with playing or facilitating games or songs, and spending quality time affirming their dignity and bringing joy in companionship.

Prayer Walk

Prayer is a foundational component of Christ For the City International and the Urban Plunge. Before any neighborhood outreach is initiated, we spend up to 6 months in organized Prayer-Walking.

As a part of your Urban Plunge experience, your group will go on a 20 minute Prayer Walk through the neighborhood. As we debrief, we’ll challenge each Urban Plunge participant to consider Prayer Walking with a friend through their school or neighborhood.

S.O.U.L. Church 

S.O.U.L. stands for ‘Servant Of Our Lord’ and is a church in downtown Dallas that feeds the minds, bodies, and souls of the surrounding homeless community. The church is held outside all year round and is filled with dancing, affirmation, and a nutritious meal.

As a part of this ministry, your team will attend the church service, chat with the homeless, and might even be able to help with a meal.

Solomon’s Porch 

Solomon’s Porch is a homeless ministry in Dallas that provides meals, clothing, products, prayer, love, encouragement, and the Bible with those who are living on the streets.

As a part of this project, your group will assist in the operations of Solomon’s Porch.

Soul’s Harbor 

Soul’s Harbor is a recovery home for men located on the outskirts of Dallas. It is both a rehabilitation facility and a shelter for the homeless.

As a part of this project, your group will tour, hear about and see the works of the ministry, as well as eating at the facility and meeting some of the men who have, or are going through the program.

Victory Outreach Church of Dallas G.A.N.G.

Victory Outreach Church of Dallas, G.A.N.G. (Gods Anointed Now Generation)is a multi-cultural and multi generational youth service facilitated by a group of radical youth who have embraced the Call to reach their Generation no matter the cost.

As a part of this project, your group will get to experience an urban cross cultural youth service that is facilitated by youth from the age of 12-35.

Victory Outreach Church of Dallas Street Evangelism

Victory Outreach Church of Dallas is a evangelistic, discipleship and church planting organization who is called to reach the castaways of society such as the drug addict, the prostitute and the gang member believing that the grace of God is sufficient to save, restore and be a voice of one calling out in the wilderness.

As a part of this project, your group will get to experience first hand inner city street evangelism that will include food distribution, sharing of personal stories and praying for others.