$835 mo.

Join Christ For the City Nicaragua staff as we meet the needs of the students and their families in the Hope program

Programa Escuela Esperanza, a ministry of Christ for the City International Nicaragua, has been partnering with Nicaraguan schools for the last 11 years to bring “Esperanza”, which means “Hope” to Nicaraguan families. Following the vision of Christ For the City International: “No place without a witness, no church without vision, no person without hope,” our vision for Programa Escuela Esperanza is to provide the next generation of Nicaragua with a witness of the Lord and his personal love, a vision of a better future for the nation through betterment in quality of education, personal hope for the present by offering tools for a better education, and hope for an eternal future through Jesus Christ.

Who do we Serve?

Programa Escuela Esperanza partners with both private and public school communities of minimal economic resources, to touch the lives of students from primary to university levels. We are committed to inspire, instruct, and be models of the body of Christ as we equip schools to offer a better level of education and work to combat the impact of school desertion due to the lack of economic resources. Programa Escuela Esperanza is designed to holistically elevate school communities through offering support to each part of the school community including the teachers, the students, and students’ families.

How we offer help..

As well as meeting immediate needs of students and their families, the primary objective of Programa Escuela Esperanza is to prepare each school community to maintain its level of quality well into the future through the preparation of life skills, educational tools, and teacher and staff training which will have lasting effects reaching beyond the time of any one person’s involvement in the program.  We also are thankful for the organizations that have agreed to partner with us, including the municpal offices of Nicaragua, Nicaraguan Christian Academy, and many other individuals that make this work possible.


Intermediate Spanish fluency is REQUIRED for this opportunity.

Projects, Programs, and Material Resources 

Provided by this Ministry Include:

• Provision of school supplies for students

 • Provision of uniforms for students (required in Nicaraguan schools)

 • Student scholarships to Christian schools

 • Professional development for teachers and other school staff

 • Family medical and psychological consultations

 • Student, Community, and Parent/Family seminars on:

      -nutrition, hygiene, and healthy living

      -emotional and biblical topics: relationships, purity, self-esteem

      -workshops to teach life skills: cooking, art, crafts, and more.

 • Partnerships of up to $1,000 in building & grounds  improvements

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