$795 mo.

Help Christ For the City staff in Peru as they teach families how to relate to each other in a Biblical way.

Many of the people of Peru have never seen what a strong family looks like. They grew up in broken homes full of poverty, dysfunctional relationships, and abuse. Because they have never seen examples of loving families relating to each other the way God desires, they become locked in a cycle of broken family life and can’t break free.

Christ For the City- Peru staff have seen a special need in their country for strengthening broken families, giving good models of parenting and marriage, and providing education for churches about how to reach out to children-at-risk and offer them tangible resources like food and legal assistance.

Our staff puts together many seminars and conferences with the intention of changing Peruvian Christians’ ideas of family, parenting, and marriage. If you have skills in organization, education, or training come assist our staff in preparing for and speaking at their events and in local churches. You will find working with the children and families you will encounter a moving and rewarding experience.

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