$835 mo.

Teach and train Nicaraguan pastors, offering them educational opportunities they would normally never have.

The theological development ministry of CFCI Nicaragua is focused on the training and development of pastors and church leaders. The goal is to equip Nicaraguan church leaders with the tools and strategies needed to serve their communities with excellence. We go about this by partnering with both local churches and theological training groups from the United States to hold training seminars here in Nicaragua.

Who do we serve?

This ministry serves Nicaraguan pastors and church leaders; not only here in Managua, but throughout the country of Nicaragua. Some of these individuals are already in leadership roles within their church communities, looking for a more complete understanding of the word and how to lead in their roles. Others are folks within the church body that simply want to know more about how to study the bible and apply it to everyday life.

How we offer help:

In partnership with New Jerusalem Church here in Managua, CFCI offers courses to teach Inductive Bible Study, an approach that teaches observation, interpretation, and application of the scriptures. CFCI instructors also teach the use of the EvangeCube in rural church communities of Nicaragua.

In a collaborative effort between CFCI Nicaragua and Grace Church of Greenville, South Carolina, The Grace Institute of Managua offers theological training to Nicaraguan pastors and church leaders, sending groups of well-qualified instructors to a particular area multiple times each year for several years, making it possible for the area pastors to receive a strong foundation to continue building upon in the future.

We receive short term individuals and visitors that teach specialty courses, such as Dana Wales, who teaches and provides materials to approach the scriptures chronologically; another method to help us better understand the scope of the scriptures.



Intermediate Spanish fluency is REQUIRED for this opportunity.

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