$835 mo.

Oversee and manage the Christ For the City International base office

Through CFCI, there are many missions opportunities in Nicaragua to serve, and CFCI’s Special Projects Ministry is just a part of that!  CFCI missions in Nicaragua deal directly with those communities, schools, and churches that are in need of aid.  We help provide this aid with scholarships for children, acquisition of school supplies, construction materials and assistance, building projects and planning, repairs, partnering to provide modern facilities, water systems, and much more.

CFCI also offers mission trips to Nicaragua and service opportunities that include seminars and classes for our base personnel and professional development and leadership training for our base staff, construction projects to improve our ability to host teams at our hospitality house, and much more on the CFCI ministry side. CFCI missions in Nicaragua is open to suggestions!  If you have a special project in mind, get in touch with us and we can talk about the possibility of making it happen!

Base and Personnel Development

CFCI Nicaragua is always looking for ways to improve ourselves and our base for the Glory of God, and we welcome the possibility of guest speakers, guest lecturers, seminars, and professional development programs so that we can better serve the people of Nicaragua and better form the programs and service opportunities provided to our partners from the North.  CFCI Nicaragua strives to offer the very best, and we would love to help you plan a mission trip to Nicaragua to serve the Lord in this capacity.

Construction and Building Improvements

Construction projects have always been a great way to serve through mission trips to Nicaragua, and when care is taken to properly select those projects and to properly assess the need, amazing things can happen through the Lord.  There are literally thousands of opportunities to serve in this way through CFCI missions in Nicaragua, and on several fronts as well. There are many churches that CFCI Nicaragua partners with that have facilities in great need of repair, or simply need to be finished and made usable for the church.

Another way to serve here in Nicaragua with CFCI missions is at our base here in Managua.  At present, our staff and storage requirements greatly outweigh what our building can offer at this time, and we have a couple of wonderful opportunities available to teams that would have an interest in making a mission trip to Nicaragua specifically to aid CFCI Nicaragua is creating a more usable and efficient space to conduct the work of our Lord.


Intermediate Spanish fluency is REQUIRED for this opportunity.

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