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Tijuana is a border town between the United States and Mexico. Thousands of people cross the border each and every day. Tijuana is also the leading economic and industrial center for northwestern Mexico. Despite this prosperity, Tijuana is facing many challenges: reaching the lost, the economy, violence, fast population growth, poverty, and organized crime. These challenges have created a sense of darkness in the city, but God’s light is shining brighter!

Pastor Daniel Nunez is the Base Director at our Tijuana El Nino base. He started his Transformation Ministry in order to plant churches throughout the city. The ministry also trains and develops the pastors and staff members of the churches that have been planted.  Pastor Danny is also the founder of Kingdom Builders Ministry (KBM). The vision of KBM is to plant new churches, train pastors, share the Gospel, and build homes and churches.  They also sponsor and serve breakfast to school children, do periodic health and dental clinics, and spend time with men in hospice, as well as other community projects.




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