By Krislyn Erickson, Summer Team 2014
Have you ever watched a potter sit down on the potter’s wheel and mold the clay into a piece of art? Have you looked closely at pottery? Each piece of art is made a little bit different…. from the strokes of the hand to the different artists making them.
Today, helping teach the middle school camp, called Masterpieces, the girls learned how to make origami hearts. We had each of the five girls pick out different colored pieces of construction paper and follow along to the bible study teacher for directions on how to make the origami.
Watching the girls fold their construction paper to make these hearts was interesting to see. Each were trying to make it a perfect heart shape. While the girls were folding their papers, I noticed that one girl gave up completely after messing up on folding the paper the wrong way. The girl sitting next to her was struggling to keep up with the teacher’s verbal instructions. After expressing her frustration to the counselors, she was shown visually step-by-step directions to finish her heart. Once the hearts were completed, we had the girls write bible verses on them.
The purpose of the heart origami was to lead into our discussion of God. We asked, “Who decided to make each fold and crease?” “Do all of your hearts look the same?” Even though the girls were following the same instructions, their hearts were folded differently, made from different colored papers, and were different sizes.
The point was to have each origami different; all hearts were unique.

The same goes with us.

God created and molded us to be what He wanted us to be. He made each of us different, not one of us are perfectly alike.
God made us exactly how He wanted us to be made. Every freckle, mole, even every hair on our head, God created because He wanted it there.

Sometimes we compare ourselves with others. wanting to be more like them, or look more like them. We have to keep in mind that we are all unique and that God molded us to be the perfect person He created us to be.

To have the middle school girls remember this powerful message, we asked them to memorize the following verse:

Isaiah 64:8. “Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter, we are all the work of your hand.”

Reprinted from a recent post from our friends at The Bridge of Storm Lake, ‘Front Porch, Inspired.’

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