This week we hear from one of our short-term missionaries, Andrea, who went with us to Argentina:

Well hello there. Long time no talk. Or should I say no type.

If some of you don’t know yet, yes I have returned from my mission trip in Argentina. I have been home for almost a month now, and for all of you wondering, yes, the transition has been hard. However, I don’t want to talk about that so much. I would like to share one last thing God taught me while in, or should I say, leaving Argentina. So here we go…

It had finally come. The day I dreaded and longed for every day while in Argentina. The day I would return home. The day when everything would go back to normal; well this is what I thought anyways.

I rose that morning early, before anyone else was awake, and took time out of my busy schedule to pray. I prayed that God would keep me safe when traveling back to the States. I prayed He would give me peace in all situations. I prayed He would use me in whatever way He wanted to while I started on the first flight back home. But most importantly, I told God that if He would get me back to a country where I could speak fluently, I would never turn up a chance to speak His name and truth into anyone I came in contact with.

You see, I have this thing that I do with God. Not only am I very blunt in my normal everyday life, but I am also very blunt with God. And with bluntness comes me saying radical things to God and not feeling ashamed of it. For example, when I felt He was trying to lead me out of an un-Christ-like high school relationship, I told God if He really wanted me to break it off, He would have to slap me. And He did. When beginning to feel that He was calling me to the mission field in the fall, I told Him I wouldn’t go unless my earthly father paid for absolutely none of it. And He made it happen.

So to continue on.

I arrived at the airport and boarded my first plane, and God reminded me of what I had said that morning. Thankfully to my relief, the woman I shared the row of seats with didn’t speak fluent English. This wasn’t what I said to God that morning and I could get out of this one.

The next plane I boarded, my ten hour flight, I took my seat first eagerly awaiting my new flight buddy. Towards the end of boarding a nice young gentleman took the seat beside me, introduced himself, and began to ask questions about my life. Where was I from? Where did I go to school? What was I in school for? Why was I in Argentina?

I know what you’re all thinking… Why were you in Argentina?! Hello Andi, that’s your perfect opportunity to speak truth into this person. Between me and you, it was very evident that he needed it too. Unfortunately, this is where I tell you that I avoided the conversation of Christ like it was that one dish your great aunt always brings to thanksgiving that smells strangely of ruined milk. No, I didn’t even have the courage to tell him that I was on a mission trip for Christ. I made it out to be a social mission trip.

Excuse me while I hang my head in shame.

The long ten-hour flight was finally over and no, I never spoke of Jesus to the man sitting beside me. We walked into the airport, headed to customs, and that’s the last time I will ever see that man.

After finishing all my checkpoints I needed to complete before being able to enter into the airport and find my terminal, I found a quiet spot and reflected on exactly what happened. I broke out my bible, I wept, and I prayed. If I were to be honest, in that moment I felt like an absolute loser. I just got home from a three month mission trip, where God had taught me so much, and in a matter of minutes, I had already failed him.

Yes, in that moment I felt like a complete failure. However, tonight while reflecting on my trip again, I actually thanked God for allowing me to fail. Why, you may ask. Because even though I had gone on a three month mission trip, even though I had given up my well planned college life for a semester and all my comforts to do His will, even though He allowed me to touch people’s lives in Argentina…


I am thankful that God takes these opportunities to humble me. No matter what I do in my life, I will never be worthy of Jesus but out of His mercy He thinks I am worthy. Wow, what a wonderful God we serve!

Today, I beg you to reflect on all the times you have failed the Father. Don’t only ask Him to forgive you and help you turn away from the sin, but thank Him for humbling you. Thank Him, that even though you see yourself as a sinner, through Jesus He see’s you as a saint. He is a Good Good Father.