ABOUT Building Together

The Mejia family was renting a building for more than 15 years where they were working as a church. A few months ago, the owner of the property decided to sell it at a price that was to expensive for them as a small church, and they therefore had to move to a new place.

As a church, in response to all that had happened, they made the decision to purchase a plot of land and construct their own building. As CFCI El Salvador, we need your help and prayers to be able to bless the church in Citalá to construct their building as a more permanent meeting space.

The plan is to construct a sanctuary, 2 classrooms for Sunday school, as well as 3 bathrooms and any other necessities. Every donation of $20 of more will help to buy the necessary materials for the construction of this building.

We trust God that we will receive help and support from people like you, since the church doesn’t have the funds or economic resources to carry out this project. United we will be able to construct this building and invest in God’s work.