ABOUT Ariel Arrieta

Ariel has been serving as a missionary for the last
10 years, 4 of them with CFCI Costa Rica full time.
He serves in Costa Rica at Las Gradas, developing
youth discipleship, and is part of Global Teams,
leading short term mission trips.
Also he serves as communications director for the local base,
working not only on managing social media, but also in
establishing new alliances with different ministries.

“I met Christ when I was 9. Over the years, a passion to make
Christ known grew in my heart stronger with the pass of the years.
By the time I turned 24, short term activities were not enough to
appease this fire in my soul. God was calling me, and I responded to the call.
10 years later, here I am. Ann Judson’s words describes better what has been
happening all these years:
“A little while, we are in eternity; before we find ourselves there, let us do much for Christ.”