In rural parts of Mexico, beyond the authority of the national government, who wouldn’t do not want to make the long, difficult journey up broken, dirt roads into the mountains, people still cling to a unique and bizarre mixture of indigenous ideas and Catholicism. These villages do not even speak Spanish and tend to have few of the modern conveniences.

The Christ For the City International base in Tuxpan, Mexico, has had contact with some of these villages and the people who are trying to minister to the few valiant individuals who choose a relationship with Jesus Christ over security and safety.

International Christian Concern, an organization dedicated to increasing awareness of persecution around the world and providing relief, dedicated this month’s issue to the plight of these marginalized and oft-forgotten believers.

Diana Garrett, one of our Tuxpan base directors, wrote this: I received this publication early this morning from a dear friend (thank you, Anne!), and have remained riveted to the computer screen for a couple of hours, examining every word, and thanking our Lord for pushing others to speak of what only a few lone voices were saying until recently.

For those who are genuinely interested in knowing about persecution in Mexico, I invite you to read through this magasine, devoted almost entirely to the subject. In it, you will find an interview of Casto Hernandez, the young man from Hidalgo who was imprisoned and expelled in March 2015, and whom many of you have been praying for.  As you read, open your heart so that nameless victims can begin to have faces and names.
And then, take them before the Throne of Grace, and ask the Lord what your response should be.