Tammy Jacobsen went to Tirrases Costa Rica in January 2015. Along with her team, they helped to restore and renovate the lot next to the Bible School, alongside playing with the local children, and visiting families in their homes.

They also went to San Jose, Carpio and Pavas, where Tammy taught some of the local women how to make scrubbies for dishes out of netting; something that her own grandmother taught her.

When sharing about her ‘God moments’, Tammy shared about her delight in “seeing the love and light in the children’s eyes when we just played with them. Their love and the feeling of wanting to give back to us when they have little to give was empowering! The smiles on the women and children’s faces is something I will never forget. By the time we returned home I felt like I had a new understanding of what it means to give unconditionally, and that through God anything can be accomplished”.

Tammy’s favourite story from the trip was about a small girl, who took her arm, sat her down and began to braid her hair. Despite being nervous about the language barrier, she learnt that “with patience and kindness you can understand what someone is trying to say”.

Tammy could encourage others to go on similar missions trips, because despite the fact that she was nervous about the language barrier, and about travelling out of the country, God led her through it all, and she was exposed to the joy and worth that is experienced when stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Tammy has chosen to highlight the needs of the ministry base in Tirrases. Click here to donate to this ministry, to expand and improve the ministry of Christ For the City International.