Three weeks ago, we heard the amazing testimony of a young man named Jacob Tuma and the way God blessed the desires of his heart in Guatemala. Today, we wanted to introduce another young man whose experience in Costa Rica powerfully influenced his worldview in a way he did not expect. 

Mark is a married tile setter, with three beautiful children. His passions are his family, his church, and reaching out to families with kids who have special needs. Even so, the mission trip was able to reveal to him what giving God his whole heart looked like. 

“It is so easy to be distracted with all the things that this world offers,” Mark said. “And so to get away from that, and worship with people that serve the same God – yet live so differently – it was just encouraging and so much fun.”
During his time on the mission field, Mark and his team were involved in work projects for a new church building, as well as with kids programs in a small village near Upala, on the northern border of Costa Rica.
Mark lived with a Tico family for a week, which was “something I will never forget. Experiencing their culture, making new friends, and having a great time with our team is something that puts you way out of your comfort zone, yet is so rewarding.”
Mark was impacted by the work of CFCI mission worker Carlos Mestayer, and wishes to highlight the needs of his ministry, as well as the continued funding needed to finish the building project. To donate to the work of Carlos Mestayer, or the building fund, click this link and select Carlos Mestayer or Where Most Needed.