marilynberrymanMarilyn Berryman, from Faith Westwood UMC Church in Omaha, recently returned from a church trip to Tirrases, Costa Rica.

Whilst there, the team was involved in a number of different children’s-based activities including games, painting, providing books to the children at the Bible School, and helping out with construction projects.

The area next to the school (which was formerly a drug house, used for gang related activity) had burnt down; leaving the property open to purchase for the ministry. Marilyn and her team helped to paint the outside walls, and restore the surrounding iron fence. They also cleared vegetation from another CFCI property, to prepare it as a mission visitor centre for future mission teams.

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I learned that even at the age of 68 I could make a difference in the lives of children, despite cultural differences and language barriers.  Never stop enjoying life and sharing that joy!” said Marilyn, “I had such fun making balloon characters for the kids, dancing with them and doing art projects.

I would encourage others to have a similar experience because it allows you to appreciate the lives we enjoy and offers a wonderful experience to try new foods, new languages, and see different parts of the world while spreading God’s love to others.”

As part of her story, Marilyn has chosen to highlight the needs of the Bible School, run by CFCI missionaries Horacio and Esther. “So many of the children there have no fathers, live in true poverty, and have limited educational opportunities. Most have come as refugees from Nicaragua where they feared the drug gangs and criminal activity and had no opportunity for employment. However, I saw that the children of Tirasses still have Hope and it is because of CFCI, Carlos, Horacio, and Esther.