Ken Bickel is a retired pastor and seminary professor who, together with his wife, have been on several returning trips to Nicaragua with CFCI.

Since Ken’s initial trip in 2012, he has returned 6 times, predominantly to teach preaching to pastors. Ken has taught a variety of courses whilst in Nicaragua, including “The Story of Scripture,” Bible Study Methods, Marriage and Family, A Theology of Worship, Understanding People and Homiletics amongst others. “I see the teaching and training of pastors and church leaders as having a direct and replicated impact on the church in Nicaragua and am thankful I get to use my gifts, experiences and energies to be part of that,” said Ken. Kens wife has been to Nicaragua four times, predominantly to help out in the medical clinics.

For Ken, these trips are reminders of Gods faithfulness and sovereignty. “I’m struck by the diversity of worship and service He obviously receives and blesses from different peoples and cultures”.

Ken encourages other Christians to take similar missions trips, as “Christians often stagnate in their spiritual growth unless they are willing to sacrifice at times (money, comfort, stasis, etc.) and humble themselves as servants of people who are equal (or superior) in many ways in their walk with the Lord”.

Ken has chosen to highlight the ministry and need of Mario J. Amador; who has been his translator during his time in Nicaragua. “He is a very talented servant of the Lord, and a very good husband.  My wife and I believe in him so highly that we have a substantial amount of his support as a CFCI missionary, and feel very good about it”.

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