Our newest blog feature is a series of posts about the way God has been moving among those who have been on missions trips. You can read the first two here and here. Today, we introduce our newest post, featuring Guatemala missions team member Judy Calhoon. 

Judy works with the Outreach Committee at her church, and went to Guatemala in March this year with a group from CFCI. Along with handing out biblical and prayer material written in Spanish, she shared her story with the nationals. They were able to minister to the people in terms of care and time.

On one visit to a nursing home was particularly powerful:
“We gave the clients a copy of ‘Portals of Prayer’ (a daily devotional book) written in Spanish,” Judy said. “A certain lady held the booklet up, and looked up, as to the Lord, then clutched the booklet to her.  Another lady had a care-taker start reading the booklet to her immediately as we left the room.” The elderly were encouraged greatly in their faith. They often live without their families in a culture where family relationships are the center of life.
Through this missions experience, Judy was convinced once more that everyone needs God. He is the one who directs our footsteps and enables us to complete His tasks with love and strength and without earthly limitations. 

“My relationship with Christ is deepened each time I go on a mission trip,” she said. “I feel the Lord uses me for His purposes.”
While in Guatemala, Judy witnessed the great need for medical and dental supplies – supplies which we “take for granted in this country.” She has chosen to highlight this need. 

If you would like to support the continuing medical and dental work of CFCI in Guatemala, please donate here, or go on a short or long-term trip, as an individual or with a team! Contact angieb@cfci.org for more information.