Cheryl Dunlap is a nurse practitioner and mother who recently went on her first missions trip with CFCI to Costa Rica. Not only was it her first time on the short-term mission field, but also her first time out of the United States. In recent years Cheryl felt the Lord tugging at her heart to go and serve young women, so going to love on the girls at Renacer was the perfect opportunity.

Renacer is a rehabilitation facility for girls aged 12-17 who have been rescued from human trafficking and life on the streets. Whilst there, Cheryl spent time with the girls, shared her testimony, assisted with arts and crafts, and was part of a dance team. “Just giving love to the girls was a full time job.  There were so many who were starved for Godly love, affection and approval.”

Through this experience Cheryl “witnessed miracles that I have never witnessed before”including demonic deliverance. “The things I have tried to hide about myself can be just what someone else needs to hear to heal their life.  When I give everything I am and everything I have to God, He will use it powerfully for His glory!

During their last day at Renacer, the girls blessed Cheryl and her team with a time of blessing and prayer. “As they prayed, I felt like I was hit over and over and over by crashing waves of God’s love and compassion for me.  I buckled over and sobbed.  But it was as refreshing as rain.  It was wonderful!  I’ll never forget that feeling.  I’ve never had it before or since and I loved it!  And what a blessed opportunity for the girls to see they too have power to heal in the name of Jesus!”

As part of her story, Cheryl has chosen to highlight the ministry and needs of Reancer, and specifically the inclusion of art within their program. “Some of the most powerful moments when the Holy Spirit really showed up were during art.  I think having artists there who utilize art as a way to tap into Holy Spirit was extremely powerful.  The more opportunities the girls were given to express themselves through art, the more healing I could see in them.   I think having artists to help inspire and guide them, more art supplies, and more time to meditate and do art would help tremendously in their overall rehab.”


Click HERE if  you would like to make a donation to Renacer to continue the life-giving work of God through these women in Costa Rica.

Cheryl plans to return to Costa Rica in January 2016.  As a result of her trip, “I can’t imagine not giving and living my life in a missionary way.  I now see that God has positioned me to live everyday as a missionary and I am so grateful for that opportunity.”