Celeste Ellis has been to San Jose in Costa Rica with CFCI three times, two of the trips which she led, serving in the slums of Tirrases, Pavas and Carpio. Previously, Celeste has been the Missions Director at two local churches, and through her leadership experiences in Costa Rica she has learnt “when to lead, when to follow, and when to get out of God’s way! I have learned how to respond when God calls on me.

Before she left, her home church collected crafts, sewing and school supplies and material to distribute. They led moms and children in craftmaking, and participated in recreation and classroom activities with the children. They also assisted with the refurbishing of the new Costa Rica headquarters by painting, weeding, and clearing brush and debris.

Celeste also waits with anticipation (as we all do at CFCI!) for the new building project in Tirrases to be complete. “The supplies, classrooms, clinics and everything else that will come with the new building in Tirrases cannot come soon enough. While the missionaries are making a big difference with what they have, the impact of the new facility will be immense,” she comments.

Through these experiences, Celeste learnt that “God’s love is universal. This was evident in the children, moms, and bible school leaders and missionaries – despite language and cultural differences. Even where some participants were uncertain of their capacity to help, God showed us what He wanted us to accomplish.”

Celeste has chosen to highlight the needs of one of CFCI’s missionaries in Costa Rica, Carlos Mestayer, who she describes as “extraordinary in his capacity as a short term missions team liaison.”  Click here you would like to donate to Carlos and his ministry.

When asked why others should go on a similar missions experience, Celeste explains that if “God is calling you to serve on a mission, you will remain unfulfilled until you go. He will show you who you are to help”.