cassie rothI saw a community full of people that felt like they didn’t have a purpose see that God has a purpose for each and every one of them.  I saw hope in their eyes,” said Cassie Roth about her short-term mission trip to Tirrases Costa Rica.

Cassie is a mother of two who recently left her corporate job to open a bed and breakfast and restaurant in the small town in which she grew up.  The business is both her occupation and her ministry, an avenue for allowing others to feel welcome, and experience the love of God.

Cassie has been on two mission trips with Christ For the City International through her church, Faith Westwood United Methodist Church in Omaha. On their most recent trip they ministered in the Bible School of Tirrases, playing with the children, helping the staff and praying.

In spite of the language barrier, Cassie was reminded of the faithfulness of God. “I saw God’s work on such a large level.  To see us all come together from such vast backgrounds… I was able to step out and help, and be used by God even when I didn’t feel like I was ready to”.

One moment in particular has stayed with Cassie.  “There were two girls about my age there setting snack time up for the kids.  I came over and in my very broken Spanish asked if I could help. Vanessa spoke back quickly in Spanish to give me instructions.  She realized I spoke very little, so instead she showed me what to do.  We then sat back and enjoyed the drinks we had made after we were done with the work.  We were instantly bonded.  No matter what the barriers were they were now gone and a friendship was left.”

Cassie has chosen to highlight the ministry of Horacio and Esther, after seeing firsthand the impact their ministry is having on the community of Tirrases. If you would like to financially bless their ministry, or take a team to Tirrases please contact our office today!

“You won’t only impact others and help with a beautiful ministry, but your own life will be forever changed”.