“I’m from Damascus!” said the Muslim taxi driver, who had pulled in for free coffee and prayer.

Every Wednesday, he had driven past the Serra Mesa Christian Fellowship church, and seen the Christians with their signs. This one particular morning however, he stopped and made a U-turn, as he had to find out more. Who were they praying to? And what were they about?

CFCI Missionary Louie Juarez explained to him the salvation plan, and what it means to be forgiven by Jesus.  “But what about a murderer?” he asked, “could he still go to heaven?”

Louie opened the Bible, to show the conversion of Paul on the road to Damascus when this man made his proclamation. He too, was from Damascus, and like Paul, he too accepted the Lord that day.


Since February, CFCI missionaries Louie and Yvonne Juarez have run a “Coffee and Prayer” program from 7-9am, with incredible blessings. Every week about 8-12 people stop, to drink coffee and receive prayer.

Yvonne tells stories of people who “don’t usually come this way.. but the Lord told me to,” or, “I felt like I needed to drive to work this way today”. The results, and Gods workmanship, speak for themselves.

Another lady drove up and asked to receive prayer because she was angry at God. She received Jesus, as a second car pulled up behind her. “I think that’s my husband,” she said, and it was – who, unbeknownst to him – had pulled up behind his wife to also receive prayer, and that day, receive Jesus. Jesus saved the two of them, on the same morning. One after another, and in the same parking lot. Incredible!


Other churches have started similar ministries as a result.

It’s amazing isn’t it, what a small dose of faithfulness, a dash of vulnerability, a generous gift of time and an openness to the Lord can bring? Oh, and of course hot coffee.

How about this Wednesday morning as we sip our own hot cups, we pray and praise God for what He is doing in San Diego, and the work of Yvonne and Louie.

And let us all be open to whatever the Lord would have us do!

Rebecca Isaacson