Women's Ministry in Nicaragua

Our 'United by Christ' exists to empower and equip women with skills and abilities to be agents of change in their communities by forming, strengthening and developing women's ministries that transform lives.

Mission: To facilitate holistic development in women, equipping them through projects and programs to strengthen their faith, improve their quality of life, and find their purpose in God.

Part of this program trains women on Inductive Bible Study, Biblical feminity course, Conferences, special programs and Fresh Start teachings (on forgiveness and freedom in Christ). In addition, the program teaches income generating and education skills for women, through courses and crafts, such as: local entrepreneurship; jewelry manufacturing; card making; hairdressing and styling courses; hair bows and ribbons making. It offers professional and financial advice,counseling and mobile medical assistance to women in need.

The cost of this project per year is:

Team training: $150
Hosting national conferences: $6,000
Biblical training: $2,276
Church support: $150
Jewelry making: $800
Card making: $300
Craft costs: $500
Entrepreneurship project: $250
Mentoring: $200
Counseling: $100
Mobile medical assistance: $200

Total cost: $10,926