National Teams

You are invited to come on a National Mission Trip to Omaha, Nebraska!

These trips range from 7-14 days and are perfect for youth groups, churches, families and school or sports communities.

This program is designed for teams who want to serve within the United States, partnering with 1-2 local ministries.

Ministry opportunities include working with adults and children, serving alongside therapy animals, and participating in various construction and renovation projects.

We take care of all your trip logistics including food and accommodation, and each trip will be accompanied by a trained member of staff. You will work alongside and greatly assist pre-existing ministries so that your mission trip will have an on-going community impact once you return home.

All of our National Mission Trips are customized and affordable, crafted around the dates, interests, skills and passions of your team. The price of each trip includes orientation, debrief and an excursion day.

*National Mission Trips have a 10 person minimum