Josh & Kari Keithley

Josh and Kari Keithley were recently approved as long-term missionary candidates with Christ For the City International and are currently raising support to minister in Costa Rica. They are currently studying Spanish at the Spanish Language Institute in San Jose, Costa Rica. Josh was most recently a youth pastor at a local Church in Omaha, and Kari was a stay-at-home mom with their four children Avery (8), Aiden (7), Adler (5), and Allie (3). They have a passion to develop family ministry in Costa Rica focusing developing a lifelong discipleship process for life long transformation, Biblical Leadership, healthy marriages, and Godly parenting.They have led mission teams to various countries over the last several years, but now God is calling them to “go” and serve in Costa Rica. After language school is over the Keithley family will begin ministering throughout Costa Rica.