Javier & Karla Osorio

Javier and Karla Osorio have served with CFCI for 10 years. Karla serves as a dentist in the CFCI Family Medical Clinic. She says she does her work with joy because, by the mercy of God, her hands serve others. Javier has been serving in the SILOE International Baptist Church  for 8 years. The ministry is focused on the transformation of the lives of poor children. Their school provides both spiritual and government-required education for these children.  They know the importance of meeting the spiritual, physical and nutritional needs of the children in order to change their future. Their commitment as a family is to expand the Kingdom of God.  “We want to be able to reach places where the Gospel has not yet taken root in the hearts of the people, and we will continue to do so until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”