Jamey Owen

Jamey has served as our Des Moines Coordinator since 2014. She was part of the grassroots efforts of getting an Urban Plunge started in Des Moines in 2009. Her compassion for the homeless, youth, and elderly have been unwavering throughout her life. Jamey discovered her heart broke for the poor while volunteering at the Mother Teresa Home for the Destitute and Dying in Cairo, Egypt in 2001. She followed the calling to a life long vocation in Christian ministry. Urban Plunge has challenged Jamey to live the boldness and compassion of service to the least of these as a way of life. She describes it as “living missionally “ rather than going on a mission trip. Her hope is the Urban Plunge inspires many Christians to engage and connect long term with organizations that are serving the least of these. Jamey would say, “You don’t need to drive thousands of miles to find people in need!