Health Programs in Nicaragua

Our Health Program in Nicaragua exists to transform lives through holistic medical care, facilitating medical care with Christian foundations. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Central America / Latin America and its two main social needs are health and education.

Through this Health program we carried out National Medical Brigades (with local volunteer medical staff) and International Brigades with US citizens for free specialties in different rural areas of Nicaragua.

We create Alliances and Strategic Coverage with other collaborative entities for the development of this program in vulnerable areas of Nicaragua. Carlitos Medical Clinic is one of these clinics.

We are working to open future medical CLINICS of specialties equipped to meet the needs of the Nicaraguan population.

Clínica Médica Carlitos, is our clinic and pharmacy provides permanent medical care in a rural area of ​​Nicaragua administered by our missionaries Doctors Carlos & Aracelis Lacayo. Medical consultations at the clinic are offered to impoverished communities in the surrounding area for less than $ 3, including the cost of medications. At every opportunity, the gospel and practical love of Jesus are shared along with medical treatments.

This medical health program needs equipment and finances to better serve the Nicaraguan communities.
Sonogram machine: $5,000
Ultrasound printer: $1,200
Medical materials: $300
Training for local doctors: $100
Medical care for pastors: $600
Medical care for missionaries: $240
Stationary dental clinic: $5,000

Total cost of necessary financial assistance: $12,440