ESL Teaching

You are invited to come and teach ESL overseas! We have a number of incredible opportunities for you to serve around the world.

In Mexico, you can become an assistant-teacher, assisting children ages 4-14 with their English skills.

Or, partner with 'Speaking Hope;' our English learning classes in both El Salvador and Guatemala. This program uses the Bible as an English teaching tool which in turn provides a phenomenal opportunity to share the truth of the Gospel and build local relationships.

We also have an opportunity in Costa Rica, teaching and tutoring youth and adults in English as part of providing them with employable skills.

All of these opportunities are located in communities entrenched in generational poverty, among people who have very limited opportunities to expand their education or learn new skills. Our English classes not only provide them with a safe space and positive mentoring relationships, but also with an incredible skill that greatly enhances their opportunity to find better, stable work as a means to improve their circumstances and provide for their families.