Community Transformation Partnerships

Community Transformation Centers (CTCs) are either specific buildings or centralized locations from which a number of ministries and activities are operated out of, with the goal of community transformation.

Christ For the City International has been operating CTCs within the nations for over 20 years. Our long-term commitment to each location in which we work allows us to be a part of, facilitate, and see the Lord transform these communities over time.

In keeping with our vision and mission, these CTCs are holistic in functioning, meeting the needs of all demographics and generations within an area.

As the specific needs of each location are different, each of our CTCs host different ministries and projects, however most often they include: children's ministry, youth ministry, feeding programs, mothers groups, pastoral training, vocational training, english classes, women's and men's groups, Bible clubs, programs for the elderly, and more.

Each of these programs is Christ-centered and focused on meeting physical and spiritual needs hand-in-hand.

Churches, families, individuals and groups have the amazing opportunity to partner with CTC's long-term (3-5 years) to make a lasting investment within a community and witness change and transformation over time.

Our goal is to foster long-term partnerships between international CTCs and U.S. groups and individuals.

The goal of these partnerships is a 'best of both worlds' scenario, where communities in need and darkness are transformed, and partnering people have the opportunity to be front-runners in making a lasting difference and building long-term relationships.

In general, these partnerships require two things of sponsoring groups or individuals through a monthly financial commitment (to go towards building costs, the ministries, general upkeep and development) and the sending of regular teams/ trips (say on a yearly, or bi-yearly basis, for example).

In return, your group has the opportunity to make a lasting investment within a community in need, and witness change and transformation over time.

These is also lots of room for variation in this partnership model, with groups (or individuals) being able to commit to a portion of this process (such as just sending regular teams, or just donating finances).

Currently, we have Community Transformation Centers in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Fill out the form below for more information: