Construction Mission Trips

You are invited to bring a team to assist with construction projects overseas! We have a number of opportunities for people both with and without prior skills and experience.

Build kitchens or houses with us in Guatemala! Teams with no prior experience have the opportunity to build kitchens for families in need. We partner with Helps International to replace open fires within homes with high-quality, low-cost, fuel-efficient cook stoves. These stoves are a life changing alternative for rural families, many of whom suffer from respiratory problems and severe burns as a result of their open flames . Acute respiratory infection in children under the age of 5 is the leading cause of death in Guatemala, something that the installation of these cook stoves is working to avoid. Additionally, these stoves will cut the time that families spend collecting firewood; freeing up time for (especially girls and women) to attend school, or earn an income. Each stove is $150, and (combined with other ministry opportunities), your team will install 30 of these stoves within a week! In addition to the per person cost, this trip will have an additional fee of $4,455.00 to be split within the team, to pay for 30 stoves to be installed into 30 homes. There is also the option to build less, or more stoves, if desired.

Or, your team can take it one step further and help build a whole house! The cost of building a 20 x 20 square foot three-room house made of pinewood (with a concrete foundation) is $3,920. This cost will be split among your team members. This cost includes a construction leader, two twin beds and mattresses, two windows, a wood door, a water filter, a table and chairs for four people, cups, glasses and plates, a broom, dustpan, garbage can and clothes basket. Additionally, a stove can be added for $168, and bathrooms (including septic tanks) can also be added for $1,320. Teams of 4-8 people with little or no construction skills will complete this home in 3-4 days.

We also have an opportunity for teams to serve in Tuxpan, Mexico. We have a beach-side camp within the region that is always in need of general repairs, landscaping, new cabins and improvement projects.

You are also invited to serve with us through construction projects in Zimbabwe. Many children have been orphaned as a result of the HIV/AIDs epidemic and are now living with their struggling grandparents, many of whom live in unfinished houses with no electricity, patchy roofs and missing walls. Your team has the opportunity to assist in house repairs and construction projects for these families; providing a safe space for children to grow.

In all of these opportunities you will work as a team and see the immediate impact of your work. You have the opportunity to change lives internationally by meeting practical needs.

As with all of our fully customized mission trips, your team has the opportunity to partner construction with other ministry options; such as children’s ministry, leadership training, community outreach and more.