Build Houses in Guatemala

Change lives in Guatemala by building houses for families in need!

We partner with Catalyst Resources International to build houses for Guatemalan families.

The cost of building a 20 x 20 square foot three-room house made of pinewood (with a concrete foundation) is $3,920. This cost will be split among your team members.

This cost includes a construction leader, two twin beds and mattresses, two windows, a wood door, a water filter, a table and chairs for four people, cups, glasses and plates, a broom, dustpan, garbage can and clothes basket. Additionally, a stove can be added for $168, and bathrooms (including septic tanks) can also be added for $1,320.

Teams of 4-8 people with little or no construction skills will complete this home in 3-4 days.

Work as a team and see the immediate impact of your work. Changes lives internationally by meeting practical needs.