ESL Tutor/Teacher

Use your passion for education to assist people living in need in Mexico or Costa Rica!

In Mexico, we have an assistant English teacher position available, working with children 4-14 years old. This position requires a three month commitment (mid-August to mid- December, or mid-Jan to June) whereby our volunteer would live with a local family and participate in other ministry activities throughout the city.

Or, serve with us in Costa Rica! Although education itself is free within the country, children are required to attend school with the appropriate uniforms, footwear and school supplies. This puts struggling parents in a difficult situation, with many unable to afford to send their children to school. Additionally, over-crowded conditions in slum communities often means that school hours are split into 2-3 shifts per day, meaning that the children in school are only there for a few hours at a time. This is why we offer remedial education classes in the largest slum in Central America, La Carpio. These classes allow children to catch-up with their education, and receive additional assistance and homework help. This teaching environment also provides the perfect setting for long-term relationship building and the opportunity to share the love of God.