One of the lessons I have learned over and over again these past few years is that God cares about the individual.

In fact, He will go to great lengths to prove His care. He will send people thousands of miles, by plane, land and sea, crossing borders and languages for one individual. He will spend thousands of dollars, and require hundreds of hours for the sake of one soul.

When you have been and gone. When you have held somebody’s hands within yours. When you have sweat, and cried, and spent the money and done the time, and come face-to-face with that person, it is worth it. It is all worth it. It is worth it to look them in the eye and in all earnestly say, ‘God has sent me here for you. He sees you. He loves you. He is jealous for your heart.’

And this is exactly the case.

Our missionaries in Tuxpan Mexico have crossed paths with a situation that has moved both their, and our hearts. There is a family, tucked away in the rural Huasteca mountains of Mexico, unseen by the outside world.

Nestled at 1000 feet above sea level, in the tiny village of Atempa, with less than 700 inhabitants, lives the Catarina family, who have many challenges to an already difficult and impoverished life.

For all, life is very difficult in the Huasteca. Thousands of tiny villages like Atempa pepper the rugged terrain between the Mexican Gulf Coast, and the high plateau of central Mexico, an area called home to close to two million people.

Their lives have changed little in the last 500 years as they struggle to live off the corn and beans which are planted on nearly vertical fields, using only manual labor.

Over a dozen indigenous languages have been their main means of communication, with Spanish spoken only by privileged men in each respective community. Their access to civilization (roads, electricity, health services, education, communication) has been severely limited until about the last 15 years. The sheer enormity of the area, and the racist attitude of the mestizo Mexicans against their native population has made improving this a slow and difficult uphill task.

Felipe and Margarita Catarina had three children born with deformities in their feet and arms. Then, some years ago, their only healthy son, Agustin, fell and broke his back, and now too is paralytic. Yet, he works as best he can as a carpenter, with simple tools.  He and his brother Martin (who works as a hairdresser, also with very little to work with) struggle to make a living for their sisters and aging parents.

The family is slowly coming to a knowledge of Jesus, and we want to help them. We want to change their lives on this earth, as well as eternally. Because God cares so abundantly about each one. Because God sent our missionaries in Mexico up these mountains and to this village, and to their house. Because God cares.  Because he is jealous for their hearts.

We have been so blessed, and we want to share that blessing by providing for this family new hairdressing and carpentry tools.

This simple gift will allow them to increase and excel in their professions, thus being able to better provide for their family and their future. These gifts will be life changing and a blessing, to a family who has been through so much for so long.

The magic number for the Catarina family is $1073. $1073 will provide everything they need for both their carpentry and hairdressing businesses. Split between these items is $18 for a Barber’s Mirror, $85 for Electric Clippers, $100 for an Electric Sander, $160 for a Circular Saw, $180 for a Jigsaw, $250 for an Electric Planer and $280 for a Barber’s Chair.

We are looking for a person, or a group of people (youth group? small group? church group?) to adopt this family, and these needs, and change their lives forever, to be the ones who send funds thousands of miles as a gesture of God’s great love.

Is it you?