Today we have the pleasure of hearing from one of our Global Ambassador’s, Karina Lin:

Updates From Tirrases

Yesterday, we went on four house visits in Tirrases with Esther.

Before going to the houses, we (a church team from Texas and myself) took Esther to the local grocery store and told her to choose out everything that she wanted to bring to the families we would be visiting.  The Texas group was able to buy rice, beans, sugar, flour, oil, milk powder, and cereal for each family.  As we were sorting through the groceries, Esther began to cry.  She shared with us that she felt so blessed to be given the opportunity to provide for all the physical needs that she knew these families had, but wasn’t able to provide for herself.  She said that she often worries about the kids and whether they will have enough to eat or whether they’re safe.  Her heart for the families at the Bible School is so so evident and challenging for me as I observe relational ministry in different contexts.

We heard stories of struggle and encouragement as we visited, prayed for, and blessed each home.  We prayed for a mother that wanted work, but was unable to find any because she was Nicaraguan and didn’t have papers.  We visited Sara, a woman that we met last year.  Please take the time to read her story and a more recent update.  She shared with us that she remembered and was encouraged by Lisa (the girl who wrote the linked blog posts and my roommate from last year’s trip).  Sara remembered that when it was time to say goodbye, Lisa told her, “God is so strong and I know He will heal you.”  That Sara remembered struck me and I think it was another glimpse at the methods and fruits of relational ministry.

You can read the full blog-post and see prayer points here.