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The Bakeshop filled with cheers, smiles and hugs as the winners came forward to receive their prizes.  It was a rare moment of achievement and pride in the middle of La Carpio, the largest slum in Central America. La Caprio is also the city dump, and home to 40,000 people packed into a space a… Read more »


Today’s blog post was written by our office Intern from Nebraska Christian College, Nyamkuiy Banang Dei. I remember it vividly. When I decided to say “yes” to God, He showed me all the times I could have died.  He told me that His hand had always been a shield covering me and said “I’ve always been… Read more »


Today’s blog post is from Kirstin Miller, one of our Global Ambassador’s in Costa Rica: A few weeks ago, I returned from my two month return trip to Costa Rica. I stayed with the same host family as last year and worked in the same area called La Carpio (the largest and poorest slum in… Read more »