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Welcome friends, to the brand new CFCI website and blog! You can still find all of the old content here, but with the addition of some new (and very exciting!!) features. Kick back in the comfort of your home, grab a hot drink (as we welcome this beautiful Fall weather) and let me show you… Read more »


It is only by stepping out of our comfort zone, onto a plane, and into a foreign city that we realize there is no universal ‘normal’. The things, food, customs, words and ideas that we believe are ‘just the way it’s done,’ are not so. I’ve seen un-contained pigs, chickens and dogs roam the busy… Read more »

My CFCI Story: Judy Calhoon

Our newest blog feature is a series of posts about the way God has been moving among those who have been on missions trips. You can read the first two here and here. Today, we introduce our newest post, featuring Guatemala missions team member Judy Calhoon.  Judy works with the Outreach Committee at her church,… Read more »