Monthly Archives: August 2015

(Video) Costa Rica Office Virtual Tour

Our Costa Rica offices just got an upgrade! What you must remember, though, is that those offices are not merely a workplace; they also serve as a hospitality house (with meals and showers) for teams that come through. Please take a couple of minutes to examine the way that your gifts, partnership, prayers, and support… Read more »

Missionary Moment: Change, One Tiny Heart at a Time

By Amy Speake, missionary in Costa Rica As I was interviewing his mother about Stuart attending Alturas (Children’s Ministry in Costa Rica), I heard a huge ruckus. Stuart proudly displayed a huge rat that he had killed. I was very impressed that at such a little age (and being such a tiny boy), he had… Read more »

Persecution in Mexico

In rural parts of Mexico, beyond the authority of the national government, who wouldn’t do not want to make the long, difficult journey up broken, dirt roads into the mountains, people still cling to a unique and bizarre mixture of indigenous ideas and Catholicism. These villages do not even speak Spanish and tend to have… Read more »