Monthly Archives: July 2015

My CFCI Story: Jacob Tuma

Today, we introduce a new feature to our blog: My CFCI Story. We just wanted to take some time to highlight a few of the individuals and ministries that make Christ For the City International so special. Our first piece is from a young man who traveled to Guatemala, and got a lot more than… Read more »

Missionary Moment: Meals Made Easy in Mexico

The post is simple today. We just wanted to show you how God has provided for one of our ministries, Camp Kikomar in Mexico. As a summer camp, one of their big needs has been for a fully operational kitchen and dining room. Both were completed and inaugurated not long ago. We just wanted you… Read more »

Short-Term Missionary Testimony: Paper Hearts and Wooden Shacks

One of our goals as a missions organization and blog is not merely to challenge you to live lives that are pleasing to the Lord but to also encourage you with stories about people that are living out their faith in dynamic ways. Anna has a story like that. Currently, she is a short-term missionary… Read more »